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I live in Merrill, Wisconsin (Lincoln County).

I've been researching my family tree extensively and assisting others with their trees since 2005. I set about to document burials in the local rural cemeteries in 2010 with a special focus on the old Latvian community, a project which is not yet complete.

I prefer to be easy-going when it comes to transfers as the Find-A-Grave transfer guidelines are just that ... guidelines. I don't understand, nor do I want to be, a contributor who feels those guidelines are written in stone, especially if I have no familial connection to that individual whatsoever. I believe each memorial should be with someone in their own tree. No one is going to care about that memorial as much as someone who is actually related to them, no matter how distantly. Therefore, if I transfer a memorial of an aunt, uncle or cousin, and some time later someone more closely related wants management, at least it was in the family ("family taking care of family"). Transfers are not a one time deal; the memorial can always be transferred again. Also, this website is evolving into something greater than was originally envisioned by its creators as many "family genealogists" are striving to link all members of their family tree so others in their tree, who find or similar software programs too confusing to navigate, can trace their roots. I have many older relatives who have little to no experience using a computer and they seem to find this website easier to navigate, especially compared to, and do not want to manage memorials themselves but prefer another family member do so. If you are contributing to this website by documenting burials and/or adding headstone photos, aren't you doing so for the purpose of helping others? If that's not the case, turn over management to someone else or to Find-A-Grave administrators! Therefore, if I have any memorials that are not in my own family tree, or are quite distant from me in my tree, I will be happy to transfer upon request. All I ask is, in your request via the EDIT tab on the memorial, let me know how you are related (I ask only out of curiosity) and that you promise to take good care of them when they are yours!

I try to be as accurate as possible but, nonetheless, mistakes happen. If you see any errors, please let me know so I can make a correction. If you have additional information, I would be happy to add it should you not want a transfer, and please feel free to add a photo and/or a flower of remembrance to my memorials!

When a family member passes, the family often chooses to have an obituary printed in the local newspaper(s), knowing in advance what information is being shared with the public. It is becoming more common that the obituary is also appearing on the funeral home's website. Therefore, I see nothing wrong with adding the obituary to the memorial but my preference is that it be retyped under the "biography" section with credit given to the newspaper or website it was obtained; for example: "(Merrill Daily Herald - August 8, 2013)". I prefer not to scan a copy of it and add it as a "photo" because that just looks tacky and sloppy. The photo section should be reserved for the headstone, gravesite or that individual's likeness so as to keep the memorial respectable-looking. If you'd like the obituary added to any memorials, I would be happy to retype it for you if you prefer not to manage it yourself. I will type it up verbatim and give credit as noted above. However, having said that, and considering the fact anyone can obtain a copy of an obituary through a local library, historical society or newspaper from any place in this country and beyond, I do admit to feeling a little uncomfortable typing surviving family members' locations if mentioned, especially if survivors are young children, but I will defer to your wishes.

Well, I don't know that copyright law actually pertains to photos of a headstone. To me copyright laws are there to protect those who write stories, poetry, music and books, create movies, invent things, etc. ... things that constitute "artistic expression." There is nothing "artsy" about my photos so feel free to use them as you wish. However, when it comes to photos of family members, I feel a bit differently. If you really want to use one of my photos, there's no need to ask as I can't stop you from copying it even if I said "no," but, please, just be respectful in your use of it!

I am always excited when I help someone find a family member or if someone helps me get further with my research. This website has helped many, many times when I've hit a brick wall and, knowing firsthand the frustration that comes from that and the jubilation when you are able to get past it, I want to help others in the same situation. I also live in an area which was settled by a thousand or so immigrants from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia during the "great migration" about 1895 or so, and their descendants have subsequently relocated to other parts of the country. For those descendants looking for information on where it all began in this country for their family, I like the idea that my contributions to this website may offer yet another reference source. So if there's anything I can help you with here in Lincoln County, feel free to contact me.

When I get busy and perhaps a bit unfocused (or too focused), I think I might sometimes forget to send a personal thank you to individuals who have helped me on this website, even though I didn't mean to do that. So to those gracious individuals who have linked memorials when requested, made numerous edits to memorials they manage, gone in search of a headstone photo and/or have transferred memorials to my care, I greatly appreciate it - you guys are the best and make this website what it is ... positively awesome! Please know that I do thank you and appreciate you even though I might have forgotten to say so! And thank you, too, for having learned how to play nice with others.


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