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As we reflect on those who had their part in bringing us to where we are today; might a memorial include the LIFE it was intended to portray? Find-A-Grave avails some wonderful tools to accomplish memorials that call to honor, and to reminisce;....There are those who may indeed have led a life of solitaire;...Yet even they had a beginning as well as an end to their days. The life is gone but the memorial lives on...Each with a story to tell...Could we but tell it..
If you have additional contributions to any of these contributions, Please share them that piece by piece their stories might unfold...

quote; "I dreamed death came to me one night & heavens gates flew open wide.
With kindly grace St. Peter came & ushered me inside.
There to my astonishment were friends I'd known on earth, some I had labeled as unfit & some of little worth. Indignant words flew to my lips, words I could not set free, for every face showed stunned surprise -
No one expected me"
(James G. Patterson - St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada)

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