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TRANSFERS: Please feel free (and encouraged) to request transfers (for pretty much any reason, politely presented, regardless of 4-gen. status), as I am not related to any of the Reno memorials I have created. I do prefer you have a little history here (so I know you'll stick around). I'll see your request more quickly if you post it here (rather than via the "other suggestions" link), but don't forget to include the memorial number(s).

OBITS and EDITS: If you are sending info via "other suggestions," please provide the source(s). If you are sending an obituary you want added, be sure to include the publication and date, and edit the obituary to remove references to living people. If you are attaching a clipping to the memorial, please cite the pub/date in the caption (and see my note at the bottom about "Reno Gazette-Journal").

FINDAGRAVE PHILOSOPHY: The longer I do this, the more I think findagrave is most useful by being an source of what isn't available elsewhere (i.e., an accurate reflection of what's on the gravestone and/or in the cemetery records), rather than ignoring/overriding that data to force the memorial to match other records. There are dozens of sites to build your tree that look at all the sources (including gravestones) and come to a conclusion. Even if something on the stone is demonstrably wrong, the gravestone as it exists is a data point.

BIO PROPER: Hi. I added my first memorials here in 2003 and then wandered off and did other things (and lost access to that account [46587254]). The next time I noticed findagrave, digital cameras, increased storage capacities, spreadsheet uploads, and other advancements had transformed it from a spot to enter information on a few relatives to something more a research tool than a scrapbook.

RENO CEMETERIES: I've been taking photos locally in Reno, Nevada, since December 2017. My emphasis is on fully documenting local markers. If you are photographing here and want to know what I have and haven't done, just ask.

EDITS: Thank you to those who submit edits to these memorials, both correcting and adding. In an effort to keep the memorials accurate and the sources of the info open, I will accept your edit only if I can independently source the data (so if the memorial is going to contain info that isn't on the gravestone, I can mention the source in the bio section). If you're basing your edits on a source I'm unlikely to find, you can help me out by letting me know what it is. As noted above, I won't correct an "error" that matches what is on a gravestone. FindAGrave is the only place to get that info.

OBLIGATORY RANT: I find Ancestry (and other) trees that cite findagrave as a source for things that don't appear on the gravestone annoying. We add unsourced info to the memorial and then someone's tree cites that memorial to support the info: That's some frustrating circular logic.

HOW TO LOSE YOUR WORK: I do my best to photograph every marker, but of course have missed some. Frustratingly, findagrave has also lost many of my photos during uploading by flagging them as duplicates when they were not. (Painful lesson: If you think an upload failed, don't attempt to reupload on the same screen or with the same filename to check if it went through: It may say "duplicate" even if it didn't go through.)

THOSE BAD PHOTOS: I did not start out an efficient photographer. At a certain point I decided to concentrate on photographing everything rather than spending time and grinding physical effort staging nicer photos that ended up being duplicates. I figured it was better to have an entire cemetery documented than have 1000 very pretty photos out of 30,000 graves. So if my photos aren't always great, that's why. Please consider, now that you know where your relative is, you can always do a photo request for a better look.

RENO CLIPPINGS: Just a note to say that Newspapers.Com will often give you an invalid source on Reno newspapers before 1983. Reno Gazette-Journal did not exist until October 1983. Your clipping from before then should be either Nevada State Journal or the Reno Evening Gazette (check your page image).

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