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When requesting a transfer please include your ID#. It makes it easier to transfer memorials. If you are looking for an argument or call me names don't bother me, please. Find someone else to fight with. Life is too short.

If you have messages turned off I can't respond to you.
Please do not send requests to add information to a memorial. This is not a genealogy site although folks use it to add family to their trees. Add your information to your tree instead where more will see and appreciate it.

Also want to state here: Please DO NOT CLEAN tombstones. It's OK to remove weeds growing over the top or fallen leaves but please don't do anything else. There are ways of taking better photos using LED flashlights. I wish I had known about the flashlight when I was taking photos!

I'm sorry that I'm slow in responding to requests. I had open heart surgery on March 12,2013 and now in heart failure. I am able to add some additional information as my time permits but please message me here that you sent something as I don't often have time to read my e-mail. Thanks a bunch!
Some of you may not know but you can add photos to any memorial on Find A Grave.
"Please do NOT add photos from obituary notices as they might be protected by copyright law. Find A Grave reserves the right to remove obituary notices and photographs from memorial records."
My profile picture was done by me from an old black and white photo of my great grandmother. This took many hours.
In case you didn't know, every photo taken is protected by copyright.
I don't mind anyone using these tombstone photos for their own research but do not submit to other genealogy websites (other than Ancestry) or in any printed material.
Just because you leave keys in your car does not give me the right to take it! LOL
Very Important Information: Refer to Find A Grave FAQ regarding the use of photos on Find A Grave.
*All* photos submitted to Find A Grave are copyrighted by the photographer so please respect the work of every volunteer who shares their time and effort on this site. Most of the photos I've contributed to Find A Grave don't contain a copyright notice that does not mean they are NOT copyrighted. Facts are not copyrighted such as census or Service information as they are in the public domain.
I want to give credit to any person for additional information given to me for a memorial if you tell me who you are! Since the site has changed so much I rarely have time other than to OK the changes to memorials but really does it matter if there is or isn't a period after a letter indicating they HAD a middle name especially if you aren't telling me what it was?
My life is certainly rooted in Wauconda.
I have lived in or around Lake Co., IL almost all my life.
My Pratt family came from MA and VT in the mid 1850s and settled in Wauconda, Illinois. Some stayed and others went westward.
My Golding family came to Wauconda from England.
I can make a connection to many, if not most, of the old settlers buried in Wauconda Cemetery. I do not wish to transfer memorials in Wauconda Cemetery to those no closer related than I am.
I will gladly transfer ownership of memorials I've added for persons not related to me at all...please ask!

Any memorials transferred to me will retain the previous owner's photos and hope the memorials I transfer will also retain the photos and information I've added to them.

Any person's name I've added to Oakwood Cemetery with words such as Waukegan or Waukegan Library list is from their website. It has not otherwise been verified & I probably have not taken a photo of the stone.
Ann D. helps me out with a lot of the entries I make there. Thank you Ann for always being there for me. I really appreciate it.
I also want to thank those who have done some research on the folks I entered memorials for or sent obits.
A little of my history:
As a young child I spent many hours wandering a large cemetery near where I lived in Norwood Park, IL, even getting lost more than once. So I guess it should be no surprise that I've enjoyed taking photos of old tombstones.
Several others & myself did research on our Lake Co. family connections. It was quite an adventure & a lot of fun in spite of some frustrations & setbacks. Many thanks go to Sue C. Had she not been so diligent I'd not have found many of my ancestors.
Thanks to Kathy (and many others) for contributing obits and other information to a number of memorials I've added. Typing these obits takes time and is very much appreciated.
And thank you to all of you who have transferred and/or taken photos of many of my ancestors (including Journeyman). Your work in locating these old stones is much appreciated by myself and many others.
Also, when leaving me a message here it would help if you could leave a link from the top of the page to the grave in question...thanks a bunch from an old lady getting older by the minute!

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