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FAMILY NAMES: Aduddell, Adduddell, Aduddle, Adiddle, Diddle, Diddel, Diddley, Duddle, Deddell, Duddles, Duddell, Duddel, Diddell, Liddell, Duddleston, Duddlestone, Dedel. Dudley??.
I have 74,000 family members and extended family (family by marriage) on this one family line, some are linked back to 1600s in USA, and about 1490s UK (England). I have some info on family from Europe. I have also linked some USA families to UK families.

1. The original name in England is Diddle/Duddle or Diddel/Duddell. When William Diddle 1665/Sarah moved from Astley Abbott, Shropshire, England to the Plantations of Northern Ireland (after 1704) he added the "A" to Diddle/Duddle (A=of or from) for cover from the armies of King Charles II, who was killing Protestants that would not rejoin the Church of England and/or had fought in Cromwell's army having killed his father, King Charles I.
2. William Aduddle/Adduddle/A'Diddle/Diddle 1702 (wife: Jennett Roberts, of Pennsylvania) came to USA in early 1700s, settling in Freehold, Monmouth, NJ and then later moving to Lower Marion, Philadelphia, Penn. (just south of Philadelphia, where William bought land from Jennett's dad).
William 1702's kids that moved West and North into Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Dakotas, and later Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas areas used the Aduddle/Aduddell spellings, often simultaneously. Vowels were more like place holders than used for their sounds, due to very poor education, into late 1800s in England and USA.
3. William's Kids that moved South into the Virginias, Kentucky, Mississippi areas used the Diddle name.
Some Diddle, Deddell, Duddleston families came from Europe to USA, mainly from Germany, Russia, France and Netherlands.
4. England uses the Duddle, Duddell, Diddle, Duddleston, Duddles names most often--all family.
5. I have found some evidence that the name was Duddela and of German origin from the Anglo-Saxon invasion of England in 449 A.D. The town named after Duddela is Diddlebury, Shropshire, England, 6 miles from Astley Abbott, Shropshire. When the Anglo/Saxons invaded they killed 100 to 50% of the original inhabitants depending on the location (DNA). I am thinking the Anglo-Saxon Duddela family was in Welch border counties because they were in nearly constant warfare with the Welch.
6. The English conscripted the Welch, Irish and Scottish into the Army/Navy so you find these names in the UK and British protectorate countries around the world.
7. Education was kindergarten level: (bible reading & simple math) if you were lucky in UK and USA until late 1800s. (5 Diddle family members selling land (USA) and they all signed their name with an X in 1846.) This accounts for most of the vowels being interchanged. The language sounds the same for 'le' and 'ell'. Some people changed their name on purpose (Liddell, Dyddel). Loss of teeth, accent, and how the writer of the name heard the name spoken and his/her education level and abilities also impacted the spelling of names. The penmanship of the writer of the name and what the reader thought the writing said. All these things affect the spelling of names.
8. Most Aduddle/Aduddell/Diddle in USA are direct relatives to William Aduddle 1702 and Jennett Roberts or his parents: William 1665 /Sarah Diddle. Diddles/Duddle, Duddleston family from Europe will be linked to family in Ireland, England and Germany.
9. Other Duddle, Diddle, Duddleston, Duddles also Immigrated to USA and are not descendants of William and Jennett Roberts Aduddle/Diddle. I have collected every person I could find in primary records. It is time to research these names again with ever increasing data bases that have found more of our family members.
10. The Duddleston spelling is the one I use so that I can link individuals into families in my computer. Other spellings Duddlison, Dudleston, etc. Note: "ton" in Old English is a fenced area like a pasture, church, fort, usually defended.
Our family is at: FamilySearch.org/FamilyTree (always free). FamilyTree database is large enough for every person born into the world.
"5 Civilized Tribes" (Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Seminole) and Oklahoma tribe: Caddo.
I am often helped in finding family members by other family members that have passed on. I have been helped greatly by Annie A Frazier and Josie Conn. They are the wives of John Lafayette Aduddell 1874-1914. The Holy Ghost has directed me to help find their extended family members which I am doing.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
I am working on Frazier, Folsom, Pitchlynn, Nail and thousands of other family surnames--all are important--i do not want to miss anyone related to the 5+ tribes of the Southern States, Arkansas Oklahoma, Texas. I love their honesty and integrity.
When Christ restored his Church in 1830, we have learned many things about our family members progress on the other side. We have learned what we need to do in this life to prepare for the second coming of Christ and finding our deceased family members is a very big part of that preparation.

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