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When I ask for a "Profile of a Family Member", I get a response now and then of "You have been a member for a long time yet you haven't made any profiles" why not? Well, life hasn't been kind to me, that's why, and I can't reproduce profiles either. Then I get "NO" answer when asking for family member profile (s). Just to tell you, I ask out of " love " for the profile, and nothing else. I am not on here for a large count under my belt. I want to add information to them , to make them come alive again. Thank you.

The Old Lower Cemetery
As I sit here looking upon your gravestones, I wonder what it was like when you were alive. Did you have a hard life ? Were you Happy ? Then you died. Family and friends dressed in dark colored clothing gather to say "Good bye".Flowers are set upon the graves ,tears fall, aching hearts grieve. Prayers are said and songs are sung.Then everyone goes home.
Days and perhaps weeks go by and they come back again to say "Hello" if only for a few moments. Then your visitor goes home. As time passes the visits get fewer and fewer ,only to become no visits at all.

Some stones here are more than 200 years old now., many even older still. I see some that are 300 years old and older. You all have been left behind as generations pass you by. Weather and Time putting marks upon your stones. Some of you are breaking , Some of you have fallen to the ground from where they once stood. Some are leaning. Some have sunk into the ground. Some are Rocks, Some have been etched with a knife.Yet some, Though they are dirty and covered with moss , they are standing tall.

I want you to know that you are not forgotten . Your names are written down in the families
bibles, and your children's names too. I would bet even your grandchildren names are written
down too.. You are talked about in family journals. I wish I could read some of those. Just to read about the way you all lived back then. To read about how you worked. How you played. What Sundays were like. What school was like. I want to know it all. If I could only get my hands on old family journals. I have no journals so all I can do is look at these gravestones and let my imagination take me to the 1700 and 1800's . You are also included in many family trees I bet. So, you are not forgotten. I wish you all could just talk to me.

Many of these headstones you can really good. Many you can't read at all. What happens with
those you can't read ? How will future generations find you ? Somebody will come looking, I know somebody will come looking for you.I will make sure they can find you, future generations I mean. I came looking for you. You don't know me , but I know you. I'm your 6x Great Granddaughter . And I'm your 7x Great Granddaughter. And I'm your 8x Great Granddaughter. And 8x 7x 6x Great Grand niece to all of you. I have come to visit again today and I will be back.
Written by Hazel Inglis 1988 ©
Abbotts Creek Cemetery, High Point, N.C.

Dear Ancestors

I had to start searching, to build this family tree
I wasn't the beginning ,and not the end of me

I had your family stories, your names and dates
I traveled across the miles, the cities and the states

I finally found your headstones, they stood silent and alone
Your names and dates I barely see, yet are clearly shown

Your names are added to our history, as I continue on
You won't be lost or forgotten, even after I'm gone

You really are a part of me, in blood and in bone
You're in my heart as it beats, it's never been my own

For those who came before you, I'll look along the way
I know who they are, I will find them some day

Written by : Hazel Inglis
May 1991©

Some 40 years ago -

I had just gotten married. My new neighbor Gretchen and myself got to be great friends. We were together everyday. We started out our day with a cup of coffee and decided after that what we were going to do, of course the housework came first, then our morning walks. We would take walks around the neighborhood going a different direction all the time just to see different things.

Well, We came upon an old cemetery one morning .A small place with about 10 headstones or so.It was just 1 headstone that caught our eye at first,and then we saw the rest as we got closer. That one had dead flowers on it,so we knew somebody had been there. The person who received the flowers had been gone for a good long time.The location was a total wreck ! Gretchen and I looked at each other and we didn't even have to say a word! We headed on home and got our yard tools and lawn mower and went back. It took us a while but we cleaned that place up like you wouldn't believe. It was tailored so that not one blade of grass was out of place. Every stone looked so perfect where it now stood. For a long time we kept the ole place up. We even cleaned the headstones and put up a little fence around it. The ones that were leaning we stood them upright again. Some were in the 1700's. You could tell it was an old family cemetery long forgotten but, there was one person who was still coming..

Then... One day when we went to mow and weed, there was a note in a plastic bag. stuck to a stick in the ground. We took it out and it read "I don't know who you are, but I want to Thank you for taking care of my Family for Me. I kept it clean like this for a long time but then I got old and couldn't anymore. My Mom would like this a lot. Thank you".Then she signed her name, "Cornethias". Gretchen and I cried like little babies !! After that note we were determined to keep that place perfect for Cornethias ! We didn't want a blade of grass out of place when she came to see her family.

We never did see this lady, We figured she was elderly because the writing was in shaky letters. These graves were in a place you never figured they would be when we found them. Out of nowhere, there they were. As though an old
Homestead use to be there at one time and its gone now, yet the family is buried there. We didn't know, all we knew is that those stones spoke to us that first day. And we had to take care of them. So we did for a long time.

Many years later (about 25 yrs) Gretchen and I went looking for that ole grave site again. We hadn't been there in years as life itself took us different directions.... We somehow found it and did meet "Cornethias" as she lay quietly
sleeping. Yeah, we cried again because we met the lady that left the note. Gretchen started it actually because she couldn't believe I had that note ! So when she started crying, I started crying. We went and got Cornethias some
flowers and said our final "Good-byes" and we left....
Written by Hazel Inglis
(about 10 years ago)
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