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Some of us have spent 100's, to 1,000's of hours, on our Family Trees. We do it to show respect and for the Love we have for our Ancestors and for the generations' of family members not even born yet, and to share with all. To have this information never lost again. Many of us posted on FAG, due to they promised it would always be a free site. No one should profit, for the man hours given to this site. Most believe this information should be free, and we should not be charged, for the information we have provided.

My photos: These are all 4x6 size, so that prints can be made. These photos are not to be used on any site that charges a membership fee, without my permission. I share them freely and NOT to be used for profit, only to be used on 'free side' of those sites, which FAG shares with. I would appreciate it, if you use these, some acknowledgements be made. I ask only that you follow common courtesy, using ethics of 'giving credit where credit is due'. I will gladly remove photos if you want to post a photo, which is better than mine. I too would love to see what you might have.

I must also follow the ethics of 'giving credit where credit is due'. The following is who came before me, and shared their information with me.

Ruby Lorene Severson (Fortney) married to Ronald William Woodbury (b June 10, 1918) Ronald's father Stephen Lee Woodbury married Florence Blanche Fortney (May 10, 1893-September 4, 1965) Florence's father George William Fortney (October 28, 1865-October 26, 1951) is why she did research on the Fortney Family. She provided my mother with (10 Family Group Sheets going back to William Thomas Fortney (b. 12-22-1812). (Cemetery Notes on an Envelope, by Ruby Woodbury). (Marriage Notes from Court House, Iowa_ Ruby Woodbury_2-Pgs). Ruby also attended the 2nd International Fortney Family Reunion, in Strasburg PA; July 26-27-1986, in which a 68 page book was published. On page 66, William Thomas Fortney (b 1812) Spouse Affiah ? Grant County, WI. Code 2-2-1-3-5. Looking up this code, it was not in this book, as they had no information.

Bessie Violet (Fortney) (10-9-1893-April 22, 1983). Bessie being the oldest child, had an (Invaluable amount of photos, which she named & dated. Some 50 pages of 2-9 up on a page, and 40 loose photos). (She listed how she was related to these relatives, birth dates or death, buried at, spouses, children "Bessie Fortney, Relatives Notes, hand written on 9-25-1953, 4 Pages").

Scott Henry Fortney, my 1st cousin. (His Father Richard Arthur Fortney, Sr. (b Aug. 12, 1926) started Geology on the family in the mid 1980's. Scott, asked my mom to collect the information on our Family's Group Sheets, which she did. He sent things for corrections, and missing information. During my (Scott Henry Fortney) time of living abroad I was fortunate to uncover a lot of information regarding the Fortney's (originally, from the European Palentate Robert Henri Fortenaux) immigration from what is now Belgium, through Dutch Holland and across the ocean via the Loyal Judith through Rhode Island to Massachusetts. Scott did a lot of research. Scott said most regrettably, as our elder generation passes away, so does their history and life experiences that connect us all. I (Ruth Hardy) got the Geology bug from him.

(Bessie's brother--my mother Donna Peckman (Fortney's) father); Me (Ruth Hardy (Peckman) and my cousin (Scott Henry Fortney's) Grandfather, Clay Henry Fortney Sr., (6-11-1989-December 23, 1992) did a huge part in our Family Tree.

I Ruth Hardy (Peckman) started Geology on the family, in the late 1980's.

My mother had an (Invaluable amount of Photos, Obituaries, Prayer Cards, Newspaper Articles, Wedding Invitations, Birth, Death Certificates, Funeral Books, Sympathy cards, & Military Records; she saved everything. Mom & I sat for over a month writing the names on the backs of her photos, some being handed down from her parents, and photos belonging to my REAL father (the one who raised us, feed us from the time I was 2 years old) Herbert Martin Peckman, (6-9-1926-4-26-1992) and his parent's photos. (Not to be confused with the man my mother divorced, the same man who did not pay any child support and abandoned the children he fathered).

I scanned in all these important documents & these photos, cropped them to 1 up, removed the fold marks, scratches, typed names, dates right on the photos, so this information can stay with the photos. Nothing is worse to have a photo of an old couple, and no one knows who it is.

Sisters, Marilyn & Shirley (Fortney) father, my Grandfather's brother: Dorsey Delbert Fortney (February 28, 1903- April 6, 1978) provided (14 pages 3-up=40 each Grave Marker Photos taken in 2005). From: (North Lawn Cemetery, Cooper TWP, Webster County, North of Oakland and Corpus Christi, Fort Dodge, Iowa) (Primitive Methodist Church Cemetery, Smelser TWP, Grant County, Big Patch, WI) (Otho Cemetery, Iowa) (Washington Memorial Park Cemetery, Seattle, WA). They made some suggestions from My Family Tree.

I also must thank my new FAG friends Bruce Fortney, Vickie Boechler (Potter), & Gail Wenhardt, they have been invaluable to me in helping me with FAG, and working together to make sure our facts are correct. The Web links Bruce has provided me, will last me 20 or more years. They have provided so much information to this site, and are just the best people; I have had the pleasure of meeting. Others I have been in contact with are also just wonderful on this site

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