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There is a terminal illness in the family, so appreciate your patience. Please know, that each of your loved ones will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Life is Very Short! Don't waste it! DANCE IN THE RAIN!
I found Find A Grave through my hard-working okie cuz.

Our Family Goal has been to connect my direct line and children for many years(sadly, Met with some resistance)!! Why, I don't understand?
If I Request my family, and family requests them back, I'm happy to add what I have and transfer Family back to family. That's how my family would expect it! I'm an 'Old Soul'

Does THIS look like I'm guessing? PLEASE, "prove" me wrong! If not for myself & ; my dearest cousins, Much LESS would be known about our Ancestors! We owe Each one a Huge Debt of Gratitude!
If you are adopting out your memorials, I would like to adopt my main family surnames:
Long, Bradford, Harris, Dalton

I have been researching since before 1999. I was raised(in part) as a child by my Grandpa2 Mathern and Grandma Bradford! So, My BRADFORD line means EVERYTHING TO ME!!!
Their Life Story is Quite Amazing!
My Mom then raised me(my dad1 left just before or just after I was born) after my grandparents,
Mina (Lynn) Marie Long & Eugene Joseph Freitas


Grandma Viola Berneta Bradford(1915-1995
Ggp Joseph Bradford(1865-1954)
GGgp Joshua Bradford(1831-1890)
GGGgp Jacob(Joel) BRADFORD(1781-1858)
GGGGgpa Joshua BRADFORD(1751-1819)
GGGGGgp William J BRADFORD III(1718-1781)
(Searching for Burial location)
GGGGGGgp James BRADFORD(1689-1762)
GGGGGGGgp Thomas BRADFORD(1656-1707)
GGGGGGGGgp Major William BRADFORD (1624-1703)
GGGGGGGGGgp Gov. William BRADFORD(1588(89)-1657)
GGGGGGGGGGgp William BRADFORD II(1559-1591)
GGGGGGGGGGGgp William BRADFORD I(1533-1596)
GGGGGGGGGGGGGgp (Personal Guess Only)
Robert John BRADFORD(1510-1555)

Silver Books, Mayflower Families 22 (Bradford) page 188.
(I'm NOT trying to start new research! I'm simply trying to connect MY FAMILY! Why is that such a difficult concept to understand?)
****It is page 188-189 and does not list the burial location. Thank You Joan

(I have grandpa's life story if His Family are interested! This would only be very important information to His Direct Family. I have been wanting to give it to his only surviving Son's Direct Family FIRST) That is my TOP priority! I will Only do this if I am certain, as I have pictures!

Mom1 Mina Marie Long(1941-1996) md Freitas
Orville Chestly Mathern(1916-1999) md1 Miss Lee
Md2 Miss Boyton(had 2 children), md3 Viola Berneta Bradford
Joseph Franklin Mathern(1893-1983) md1 Daisy Marie Dixon(died of cancer)
John Phillip Mathern(1864-1958) md Ella E. Beck
Joseph Mathern(1836-1912) Md Mary Augusta Breck
John Mathern(1801-1880) md Apalonia Marie Kreber


Grandma Viola Berneta BRADFORD(1915-1995)
Ggm Susan Cynthia/Synthia HARRIS(1877-1942)
GGgp James Pendleton HARRIS(1851-1898)
GGGgp Jacob A HARRIS(1811-1875)
GGGGgp Zachariah HARRIS(1772-1844)
GGGGGgp Isaac M.D HARRIS(1729-1777)


Grandpa Earl Glen LONG(1912-1973)
Ggp Malty Eldridge LONG(1884-1954)
GGgp Napoleon Bradford LONG(1853-1916)
GGGgp Maples LONG((1806-1866)
GGGGgp Rev. George Washington LONG(1771-1849)
GGGGGgp John LONG I(1749-1841)


Grandpa Earl Glen LONG(1912-1973)
Ggm Rosay Geneva DALTON(1887-1955)
GGgp William David DALTON(1840-1906)
GGGgp William M Dalton(1797-aft 1860)
GGGGgp John Elijah DALTON(1774-1842)
GGGGGgp George William DALTON(1753-1826)
GGGGGGgp William DALTON I(1728-1807)
GGGGGGGgp John DALTON(1695-)

My great grandma Dalton has a writing her personal journal by what appears to be an Estelle Blevins June 1935. She has others signatures I'm searching for as well, such as Leona Stewart, Lois Stewart, Pat Rogers, Lois Rogers? Binns, Fisher?, Floyed? Hazel Reilare? Turned 19 on July 30, 1935, and Edith Smith. (Possibly more) (dated 1927-1937)
If anyone knows these names, please contact me.
I figured out some of them! Thank You!

Grandpa Earl Glen Long(1912-1973)
Ggm Rosay Geneva DALTON(1887-1955)
GG Mary Ann Cecil(1844-1925)
GGG William Cecil(1802-1880)
GGGG Benjamin Sollers Cecil(1764-1815)
GGGGG Samuel Witten Cecil(1719-1786)
GGGGGG John B. Cecil(1691-1759)
GGGGGGG William Cecil(1665-1744)
GGGGGGGG William Cecil(1635-1749)
GGGGGGGGG Sir Thomas Cecil(1578-1662)
GGGGGGGGGG Thomas Cecil(1542-1623)

Dad1 Eugene Joseph Freitas
Gpa Eugene Manuel Freitas
G gpa Manuel Rogan Freitas

Grandmother Virginia Josephine Gonsalves(1919-2010)
Ggp Jose (Joseph) Laurenio Lawrence Baeta (later Gonsalves)(1892-1872)(took his mothers maiden name, Gonćalves/Gonsalves(englishized)
John Baeta md Anastasia Gonćalves

Grandmother Virginia Josephine Gonsalves(1919-2010)
G Gma Rose Angela Perry

Dad1 Eugene Joseph Freitas
G gpa Eugene Manuel Freitas(1916-1974)
GG Helen Fern Soares(1896-1990)

Dad1 Eugene Joseph Freitas
G gpa Eugene Manuel Freitas(1916-1974)
GG Helen Fern Soares(1896-1990)
Mary Frates(1868-1940)

If you have information to contribute, I appreciate that over leaving unkind messages. I have Never disrespected You. Please don't disrespect me. I will Never understand someone sending in a complaint Over giving the manager of the Memorial the necessary info that will HELP them.
I thought we were all supposed to be working Together in KINDNESS, after all.
If you see any errors, please send me a correction a I will be happy to correct. Please use the 'edit' for changes or corrections. For those that share with me additional information of my family stories, from my whole heart, THANK YOU!
It means so very much to me. XOXO
For Kind Hearts, Please email me any time!
If I have added incorrect information on YOUR relative, please don't hesitate to let me know.

I am happy to transfer any memorials of your family as long as they are not my Family. Thank You! I have some Very Special family. However, if you were real close to someone, I will definitely consider transferring! I think it's so very important for Family to have care over their OWN family!

Thank You to those Dear-Hearts that leave Tokens.
You are Very Appreciated!
Huge Thank You to those dear-hearts that take the huge expense & time to go and take pictures of our loved ones Headstones. That is very time-consuming, especially these large cemeteries and our aged tired ones. If not for these volunteers, much less history would be saved!
What an honor to meet any if these dear folks!

Thanks for sharing okie cuz:

If you could see your ancestors
All standing in a row,
There might be some of them, perhaps,
You wouldn't want to know.
But, here's another question, which
Requires another view,
If you could meet your ancestors,
Would they be proud of you?


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