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I have been diagnosed with chronic non curable illness and so, to me, TIME is of the essence! Recently found out I'm in late stage.
(Not covid) and I know no one that died of covid!
Two my tests 12/21 came out cv. Just left critical care but far out of woods. No loved ones to visit so if in area, would love to meet cousins!



Grandma Viola Berneta Bradford(1915-1995
Md1 Earl Glen Long md2 Orville Chestly Mathern(heads touching for Eternity)
Joseph Bradford(1865-1954)
Md Susan Cynthia Harris
GGgp Joshua Bradford(1831-1890)
Md Rachel Debolt
GGGgp Jacob(Joel) BRADFORD(1781-1858)
Milly Loveland
GGGGgpa Joshua BRADFORD(1751-1819)
Md Anna\Anne Cleveland\Cleaveland
GGGGGgp William J BRADFORD III(1718-1781)
(Searching for Burial location)
Md Mary Cleveland\Cleaveland
GGGGGGgp James BRADFORD(1689-1762)
Md Edith Adams
GGGGGGGgp Thomas BRADFORD(1656-1707)
Md Anna Raymond
GGGGGGGGgp Major William BRADFORD (1624-1703)
Md Alice Richards
GGGGGGGGGgp Gov. William BRADFORD(1588(89)-1657)
Md1 Dorothea\Dorothy May md2 Alice Carpenter" Southworth
GGGGGGGGGGgp William BRADFORD II(1559-1591)
Md Alice Hanson
GGGGGGGGGGGgp William BRADFORD I(1533-1596)
Margaret Elizabeth Fox
Silver Books, Mayflower Families 22 (Bradford) page 188.
(I'm NOT trying to start new research! I'm simply trying to connect MY FAMILY! Why is that such a difficult concept to understand?)
****It is page 188-189 and does not list the burial location. Thank You Joan


Grandma Viola Berneta BRADFORD(1915-1995)
Ggm Susan Cynthia HARRIS(1877-1942)
GGgp James Pendleton HARRIS(1851-1898)
GGGgp Jacob A HARRIS(1811-1875)
GGGGgp Zachariah HARRIS(1772-1844)
GGGGGgp Isaac M.D HARRIS(1729-1777)

Kathleen Freitas
Lynn Long
md Freitas
Viola Bradford
md Long
1x Joseph Bradford
md Harris
2x Rachel Debolt
md Bradford
3x Andrew Debolt
md Smith
4x Henry Debolt
md Gerard
5x Nicholas Debolt
Md Brown
6x Elizabeth Dibert / Burt
md Debolt
7x Mary Seaworth Chartier
Md Dibert/ Deburt
8x Mary Sewatha Straight Tail
Md Chartier
9x Chief Meaurroway StraightTail
md Opessa Pekowi Woman Shawnee
10x Chief StraightTail Pekowi
md Pekowi Shawnee Wiman
11x Sachem Caniachkoo
Md Kameoka
12x Sachem StraightTail Caniachkoo
md Norihiko Kanienkeha Turtle clan
13x Mongotucksee Longknife Sachem of Montaukett
md Quashawan Montauk
14x Mattabesetts Seguin Montauk
Md Sarah Phinney Roots
15x Mongotucksee Sequin Souweg
Md Quashawan Mattabesetts Montauk
16x Mogotuck Mokomece Montauk
Md Makomece Quinnipiac Montauk
17x Tamaquashad Shad Chief of the MONTAUK Nation
Md (unknown)


Mom1 Mina Marie Long(1941-1996) md Freitas
Orville Chestly Mathern(1916-1999) md1 Miss Lee
Md2 Miss Boyton(had 2 children), md3 Viola Berneta Bradford(The Only Faithful one that stood by Him the rest of His life)!
Joseph Franklin Mathern(1893-1983) md1 Daisy Marie Dixon(died of cancer)
John Phillip Mathern(1864-1958) md Ella E. Beck
Joseph Mathern(1836-1912) Md Mary Augusta Breck
John Mathern(1801-1880) md Apalonia Marie Kreber


Grandpa Earl Glen LONG(1912-1973)
Ggp Malty Eldridge LONG(1884-1954)
GGgp Napoleon Bradford LONG(1853-1916)
GGGgp Maples LONG((1806-1866)
GGGGgp Rev. George Washington LONG(1771-1849)
GGGGGgp John LONG I(1749-1841)


Grandpa Earl Glen LONG(1912-1973)
Ggm Rosay Geneva DALTON(1887-1955)
GGgp William David DALTON(1840-1906)
GGGgp William M Dalton(1797-aft 1860)
GGGGgp John Elijah DALTON(1774-1842)
GGGGGgp George William DALTON(1753-1826)
GGGGGGgp William DALTON I(1728-1807)
GGGGGGGgp John DALTON(1695-)

Estelle Blevins June 1935. She has others signatures I'm searching for as well, such as Leona Stewart, Lois Stewart, Pat Rogers, Lois Rogers? Binns, Fisher?, Floyed? Hazel Reilare? Turned 19 on July 30, 1935, and Edith Smith. (Possibly more) (dated 1927-1937)
If anyone knows these names, please contact me.
I figured out some of them! Thank You!

Grandpa Earl Glen Long(1912-1973)
Ggm Rosay Geneva DALTON(1887-1955)
GG Mary Ann Cecil(1844-1925)
GGG William Cecil(1802-1880)
GGGG Benjamin Sollers Cecil(1764-1815)
GGGGG Samuel Witten Cecil(1719-1786)
GGGGGG John B. Cecil(1691-1759)
GGGGGGG William Cecil(1665-1744)
GGGGGGGG William Cecil(1635-1749)
GGGGGGGGG Sir Thomas Cecil(1578-1662)
GGGGGGGGGG Thomas Cecil(1542-1623)

Dad1 Eugene Joseph Freitas
Gpa Eugene Manuel Freitas
G gpa Manuel Rogan Freitas

Grandmother Virginia Josephine Gonsalves(1919-2010)
Ggp Jose (Joseph) Laurenio Lawrence Baeta (later Gonsalves)(1892-1872)(took his mothers maiden name, Gonćalves/Gonsalves(englishized)
GG John Baeta md Anastasia Gonćalves

Grandmother Virginia Josephine Gonsalves(1919-2010)
G Gma Rose Angela Perry

Dad1 Eugene Joseph Freitas
G gpa Eugene Manuel Freitas(1916-1974)
GG Helen Fern Soares(1896-1990)

Dad1 Eugene Joseph Freitas
G gpa Eugene Manuel Freitas(1916-1974)
GG Helen Fern Soares(1896-1990)
Mary Frates(1868-1940)

I stole this from Two Texans page. Hope they don't mind but I totally agree and couldn't say it better myself: I WAS TAUGHT 'don't try to reinvent the wheel".

We feel a persons Memorial should be given to a living family member if it's held by a non family member.... that's just how I feel about it.

***All of our memorials are family and close personal friends. I don't just collect memorials for the numbers***

I'm VERY grateful for those people who transferred relatives to me when they didn't have to, out of the goodness of their hearts. Most of the time I didn't even request a transfer. It means a lot to me and sometimes it was not according to the guidelines....but they did it anyway.

A BIT OF HISTORY AS MY LATE HUSBAND WAS BORN IN A WWII DP (displaced persons) CAMP IN GERMANY; ( I despise war for many reasons)

On the first of September the germans attacked poland and on the 17th September the Russians attacked poland from the other side!

When the Red Army invaded eastern Poland on September 17, 1939, they began the first of three waves of
Sovietization - the execution of thousands of Polish intelligentsia, and mass deportations. Hundreds of thousands of
Poles, military and civilian, were arrested, and deported to the Russian gulags. They were shoved into trains headed
for the farthest reaches of Russia. The voyage took over a week - there was no food, no water, no heat (in sub-zero
temperatures), no window, no toilets. Many people died - standing. Upon arrival, those who were too weak to work
were shot. Within two years, over 1.5 million Poles were interned in Russian labor camps and concentration camps
throughout Russia. Fifty-two per cent of them were ethnic Poles, 30% were Jewish, and18% Ukrainians and

Stalin's objective was to finish what the tsars, emperors and kaisers could not accomplish in the past centuries: the
total destruction of the Polish nation off the face of the earth. Lenin established the first totalitarian rule, but Stalin
perfected it. The entire Russian territory literally became an open prison with thousands of internment camps. Stalin
imposed the death penalty on children as young as twelve years old - just for stealing a loaf of bread. He treated
animals better than human beings. While horses were well fed, kept in separate stalls with warm blankets, the
prisoners were helpless - trying to keep warm by covering themselves with dirty rags, and were given rotting fish
heads to eat, and very little water.

Stalin was a killer. He surpassed even Hitler in the brutality and the number of victims that were massacred by his
decree. The most infamous was the Katyn Massacre, where the NKVD under orders by Stalin, arrested and detained
15,000 Polish officers and systematically executed them, burying them in mass graves. These graves were
discovered German troops when they invaded Russia. After examining the corpses, the Germans accused the
Russians of the atrocity, but the Russians denied any responsibility.

The Soviet-Maisky agreement made between Russian and Poland re-established diplomatic ties, and called for the
creation of a new Polish army to be assembled on Russian soil. Though Stalin gave the order to release Polish
POWs from Soviet camps, he allowed only about 100,000 of them to leave. The Poles came from as far away as
Lake Baikal, and the borders of Mancukug and Manchuria. The remaining 1.4 million Poles were detained as
prisoners and not permitted to leave. The NKVD made every effort to obstruct the passage of the refugees trying to
reach army checkpoints. Thousands of Poles died travelling on foot through the Russian Steppes, with no food, no
water, and insufficient clothing - in the worst sub-zero temperatures. Many refugees managed to reach safety and
enlisted in the Polish Army, but once there they faced other perils. Already sick and severely emaciated from years f
Soviet oppression, they were not given enough food to eat, although Stalin did promise to provide food rations for
them all. The NKVD even prevented the American Red Cross from providing the refugees with food, medicine, and
clothing. It was Stalin's plan to kill as many Poles as possible - by starvation, or on the battlefield. He wanted to send
the fledgling Polish army straight into battle against the Germans, without backup reinforcements, thus ensuring that
as many Poles died as possible. General Wladyslaw Anders, the Commander of the II Polish Corps, refused to
permit it. Of the 20,000 Poles who were sent to work in the Kolyma mines, only 170 made it to the army camp on the
Volga. Thousands of Polish prisoners were released from the gulag of Navaya Zemlya (situated near the Arctic
Circle). They walked more than 3,000 miles. There was only one survivor. He died on the day he arrived at the
army camp. Of 3,000 Poles sent to work in the lead mines of North Kamchatka, all died of lead poisoning.

General Anders concern for the safety and lives of his men lead him to negotiate with the Allies for an immediate
evacuation, which began on March 1942. It was one of the largest evacuations in modern history. But all efforts at
obtaining the release of the remaining Polish prisoners in Russia were in vain. Stalin adamantly refused to give in,
insisting that they were Soviet citizens .Of the Polish prisoners in Russia, 415,800 died and were buried at registered
graves - 434,300 were lost or disappeared, and the 681,400 were never permitted to leave Russia - dead or alive.

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