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Memorial Naming Conventions: Non-famous Memorials
If a hyphen or an apostrophe is part of the name, use the punctuation.
Use a period after names where only an initial is known. If the full name is known, use the full name and not the initial.
Do not use any other punctuation within any Name Field.
Do not use Full capitalization (ALL-CAPS) of names in any Name Field.
Suffixes, Prefixes, Titles, or honorary do not belong in any Name Field.

First Name
First name of the deceased. Put the entire first name (if known), even if the grave marker is only an initial. Do not include titles or other prefixes in the First Name field.

Middle Name
Middle name of deceased. Put the entire middle name (if known), even if the grave marker is only an initial.

A familiar name of the deceased, if known; the nickname is automatically placed in quotes. A nickname is different from the real name (first or middle).

Maiden Name
Maiden name of a married individual, if known (otherwise leave blank); the maiden name is automatically italicized and is only used if the individual was married and took the spouse's last name as their new last name. If the deceased was never married, then the last name is placed in the "Last Name" field, NOT in the "Maiden Name" field.

Last Name
Last Name as you would find it on the tombstone, if the interred had more than one marriage or other possible spellings please place this information in the bio and use the family links. Do not include honorary or other suffixes in the Last Name field.
FIND A grave guidelines strictly prohibit using anything - shaving cream, flour, cornstarch, any abrasive substance or scraping of headstone. Please refer to the FAQs (Frequently asked questions).

No links to burial unknown.

PLEASE DO NOT post picture of grave stone that any of the above methods used for better picture to any memorial we have posted. Thank you!

IF THERE IS ALREADY A PHOTO OF THE HEADSTONE PLEASE DO NOT POST ANOTHER ONE - ONE PHOTO IS ENOUGH. PLEASE PLEASE take the time to edit the photo you post to memorials. A photo upside down, sideways shows a lack of respect.

Please DO NOT leave biographical information or obituaries in a virtual flower. (Please refer to FaG guidelines. These will be requested to have removed)

TRANSFERS: Per FaG guidelines.

For corrections or linking please use EDIT tab - right upper corner on each memorial.

Most, NOT ALL, our memorials were made when we walked cemetery and recorded from stone. We prefer to leave names as they were recorded from stone and enter suggested names added to bio section.*** FaG guidelines per names as follows (does not mention the old custom of wife using Mrs. preface to husband's given name. I did the first request and changed Mrs. John Doe to her given name and sure enough now there is a duplicate. I have check further for clarification of the new naming convention.

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