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Ever since I was very young, I've picked and pawed through old cemeteries. I love history and
cemeteries are great history lessons. Here in the Akron, Ohio area there are many old cemeteries, Glendale being one of the oldest. Many notable figures of history now rest at Glendale and I have listed hundreds of them here on Find A Grave. The famous include: early industrialists, politicians, musicians, entertainers, etc. I have also listed thousands of the "common" people from this area. Also, I have covered some other areas around Akron such as: Cuyahoga Falls, Tallmadge, Mogadore, Hudson, Ellet, Barberton and Northampton Township. I will be listing other cemeteries and areas soon.

TRANSFERS: I no longer do transfers for these reasons: People ask for a transfer to add more information. But when I check back in a year or so, nothing has been added. Also, I find that many people get onto Find A Grave and "play around" with it for a few months and then lose interest and go on to something else. Then when I find additional information to add to a memorial that I had transfered to them, I e-mail it and never get a response and it's never added. So basically, I'm done playing games with these people.

Another thing that bothers me. I have found that some e-mail to say that they have a relative that they want transfered. But when I check their profile, I find that they have been a member for several years, have added three memorials but now manage 280. This means you are building your Find A Grave memorial base from the work of others. Many seem to like to sit at their computer and let others do the work and they take the credit. This will no longer happen to me. If this sounds harsh, let me remind you that the truth is sometimes harsh. I am also tired of being called the filthiest names that a person can think of just because I refuse to transfer. I have been a member for over 20-years and have never asked for a transfer. Many of my relations and best friends have been listed by others. So be it!

Recently I have acquired Akron City Directories from 1859 to 1969. I have begun to add these to my listings. They are helpful as they show us the history of Akron as well as each person's occupation and home address. They help to fill in the puzzles.

One more thing, when submitting information with the "Edit Tab", please don't add information such as biographies, places of birth or death or other things under the Monument Transcription heading. This is only for words that appear on the monument such as "Father" or "Mother" or "Together Forever" or anything that is engraved on the monument. Send the biography to me through an e-mail or edit and I will be more than happy to put it in the proper field. I want all the information I can get. I will always give credit to the submitter. Thanks and happy grave searching to all.

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