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Update-1 April 2020 - Email edits and transfer requests are viewed on an almost daily basis and all other edits will be processed automatically and personally reviewed at a later time.

Some May Wonder...Who Am I ?
After the great age of using only pen,paper,stamps & libraries to do research work,I discovered the INTERNET & started working online as a local volunteer with the original "Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness/RAOGK" website operated by Doc & Bridget Schneider,working with them for over 10 yrs until the site ceased operations. I've continued as a volunteer researcher,contributor,Cemetery Transcriber on Rootsweb,Pa-Roots & the USGenWeb Project in Pennsylvania. With over 40 years experience as a genealogical history researcher;creating memorials here on FindAGrave is a wonderful opportunity and it isn't a race, It's a quest to create accurate,useful & meaningful memorials for those who have gone before us & for all who find them here. I've been honored to work here with many really wonderful people & I will continue to share these memorials with their rightful family members and with my various cousins.

Keep In Mind...
The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated . I don't chase the obituaries of the recently deceased-except when it involves my own family members or close family friends.
So with these facts in mind...
1st-- Remember this , "Genealogy Without Documentation is Mythology" and "If You Can't or Won't Prove It,Don't Claim It As Fact "
My Grandmas favorite euphemism..."Saying,Thank You,Opens Many Unexpected Doors".
2nd. A word of advice from this memorial manager-Always check,double check and recheck all research which is presented to you by everyone. Never take anyone's research as being 100% factual without 1st reviewing the information for yourself 1st. Take all offerings of additional information with thanks and always verify with supported documentation from multiple sources and list your sources. With this...
3rd- I request that anyone posting family photos, Birth records,Death records,Marriage records and Obituaries to memorials that I manage must use the caption area for those photos & records to cite the full and complete source citation- for example: You decide to post a family photograph-type the persons full name;the location where the photo was taken and the estimated date that the original photo was taken-keep in mind,if your photo comes from your personal photo collection and if you don't want to see it someplace else on the internet...don't post it to a public memorial. Please -do not post photos that don't belong to you what if you borrowed or lifted a persons photo from someone's family tree...don't post it on a memorial that I manage unless you have explicit written permission from the photo owner to use that photo anyway you choose to use it. Many public records such as certain Birth,Death and Marriage records are now in the Public Domain and available online via State operated websites ,subscription sites and many others. A proper source citation for a birth or death certificate would be ,for example- Pennsylvania Death Certificate Number-XXXX;Department of Vital Records;Harrisburg,PA. not Ancestry .com or FamilySearch .org. If you have an obituary for a person,I will accept photos when the name of the newspaper;the town,county,state it was published and the date it was published. As of today,obituaries that were published BEFORE 1927 fall in the Public Domain and are no longer under copyright laws and can be used freely by all. All obituaries published AFTER 1927 must be transcribed for inclusion in a memorial biography minus all information pertaining to any living person named in that obituary ,except for surviving spouses. If you don't want to transcribe a copyright obituary-email it to me and I will gladly do the work for you and credit you for sharing the information.
4th- Now if you feel you are better than everyone else and following my requests is beneath you...don't bother posting your photos and documents...keep in mind-if you send edits without the proper necessary source citations...your edits could be denied !
When using this website as a Genealogical Tool-PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR SOURCES ALONG WITH YOUR SUBMITTED EDITS TO ME USING THE EDIT OPTION ENTITLED "Suggest any other correction or addition". Long form SAC edits or email edits sometimes land in my SPAM file,if you don't hear from me in a few days,email me direct.

My main objectives:
Photograph our local cemeteries,locate lost burials & follow up with extra researched information to add to the memorials I have had the honor to create here on FindAGrave. All verified sources are listed at the bottom of the memorial bio,which I put there for the convenience of others using this website.

I have named a few memorials based on their uniqueness;some are damaged,broken or have no identifying surnames;doing so is to help others "Find these unknown named burials" within a cemetery and within this online database

For the folks who use this site & continue to share the information they find freely with everyone,you have the never ending gratitude of 1000s of researchers who use this site on a daily basis.I think playing together nicely in the genealogy sandbox takes into account spotlighting the good work others are doing.Remember the active members of this site are volunteers,for entries & photo requests.They spend their time & their money to do this out of a shared passion for family history;we do this freely in order to memorialize those who have gone before us ... our family members and our friends.
BEWARE of transcriptions seen published or online-Many innocent mistakes have been found in many popular published works...I've walked these cemeteries & I verify against burial records & other multiple sources.
IT'S 1st COME 1st SERVED REGARDING ALL TRANSFER REQUESTS - Explain your complete relationship & we'll go from there.Keep in mind,simply stating that someone is in your "family tree" doesn't entitle you to anything. no matter what you can't own every dead persons memorial in the county. Create a Virtual Cemetery to gather everyone together.

I will not transfer memorials for folks who are related to my own family lines.
The Flower & Token option is for saying things like "I loved you" or "We Miss You",it's not for OBIT or EDITS to memorials,it's just as easy to send me the Edit plus a Flower !
If I have made a mistake...remember I'm human too... or you would like me to add something please let me know through the edit tab for that memorial - don't forget to include your valid sources !!
Before entering a new memorial,I always verify 1st that memorial for an individual does not already exist. I do the same thing when looking for a particular Cemetery Database listed on FindAGrave. In turn, I ask all contributors not to create duplicates of any existing original memorials & to search thru the current cemetery database in the county you may be working before creating a new cemetery or memorial. Duplicate cemeteries & memorials are at risk of being merged when found;which is as it should be according to FindAGrave guidelines. If any contributor decides to remove their photos from a duplicate memorial or cemetery that they created that is their decision. It's also their option to leave their photos in place.
Remember...Sources,citations,friendly conversations & discussions are always welcome! If you can't be Friendly and if you act like a pompous idiot...don't bother me or anyone else for that matter....FindAGrave is a friendly community !
- Regarding my grave stone photos, they may not be modified/altered in any way.When used in other internet venues please use the photo source citation by referencing "Find A Grave" or along with my name & contributor number in the Description.
I want folks to use my photos BUT they must also include the above information as a SOURCE
Other photos of documents which I have added fall within the Public Domain & Fair Usage Laws-I also have obtained all of the required permissions to use those items in this venue.
Philippians 2:3 & 4
"Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind let each of you regard one another as more important than himself; do not merely look out for your own personal interest, but also for the interest of others. Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ."

Need local me!
I'm here to help in any way I can.


As of July 2012, all 9 sections have been fully photographed & uploaded to the cemetery database. There are 1000s of unmarked burials there. Additional work is being conducted to identify those burials.

A full photo survey was COMPLETED in Oct 2010.
There are 1000s of unmarked burials there & additional work is being conducted to identify these burials.

Be Safe and Happy Hunting Everyone !!

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