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Please do not add copies of obituaries to my memorials. Send them to [email protected] with the source and date and I will add them to the bio section. If I have to type it in the bio section I will not give you credit. I will give you credit for it if you type it obituary.

If you have a problem with me entering info in the bio section and giving you credit for it then please do not send it to me.

I would like to thank all those contributors who do their edits in a timely manor. It really helps when looking for information.

FAG is not a game of numbers for me. Although it is to a lot of contributors on FAG. The goal is to update as many memorials as I can for the time the Good Lord is willing to let me live on this earth. If you maintain the memorial, try to connect their relatives if all possible, and add any info while the information is still fresh and available. This is not meant to be offensive for anyone on FAG who try to memorialize and record entire Cemeteries.

If you are sending edits for persons that died before 1905 please email the proof. I will not spend hours looking for something that you have already found. All those edits will be declined if the proof is not sent with it. If I have to ask for proof then I will wait 24 hours for proof. If not received within 24 hours then the edits will be declined. Thank you.

I will not do any updates that are requested if I can't verify them. I may also ask for proof of that edit. If you have a problem with sending proof then the edit will be declined. There are so many people trying to add what they think is correct when it is not.

Please do all edits through the edit button.

I will be adding surviving family member when entering the obituary. I feel that this will help others in locating family member. Obituaries will be posted giving credit to the source and date it was published.

I will be adding duplicates when the deceased person is on FAG before their death. I will enter all information to the memorial and then I will send a duplicate request to FAG so that the other memorial is updated. FAG will then merge my information into your memorial.

Photos I have entered may be re-used, but please give me the credit for them.

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