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~Montgomery Community College, Psychology and Business majors
~National Louis University, Applied Behavioral Sciences (Business, Cultural and Psychological Profiling).
~Brigham Young University, Family History (Intensive 2-yr program. Genealogy and Family History Research).

DEFINITION OF A MEMORIAL: A memorial is a statue, holiday or statement in honor of an event or someone who has passed away.

TRANSFER REQUESTS are made in accordance with Find A Grave guidelines. READ THE GUIDELINES! Your relationship MUST be included in transfer requests. I confirm a relationship before transferring a memorial. TRANSFERS, UPDATES AND CORRECTIONS must be made with the SUGGESTIONS EDIT tab on each memorial. Requests made via personal email or FAG public message board will NOT be honored. FAG gives 30-days to respond to requests. Requests should be made in a courteous and respectful manner.

PLEASE and THANK YOU go a long way.

BIO'S and links should NOT be removed from transferred memorials. Please be respectful of the time and effort that goes into writing an individual biography. Individuals who do this will be refused future transfer requests and reported to FAG for violating the rules of transfer.

MESSAGES & EMAIL OPTION ARE DISABLED! I have disabled both of these because they have been repeatedly abused. I have even received threats and derogatory emails which were forwarded to the Find A Grave support. Individuals who send harassing or inappropriate emails through the memorials can loose their privileges and get banned from Find A Grave.

EDITS: If you have a SUGGESTED change to a memorial, you must go to the memorial and send your suggestion through that memorial using the AUTOMATED system. If you send suggestions using the OTHER SUGGESTIONS options that can be done through the automated system, they will be ignored. OTHER SUGGESTIONS is intended for biographical information that you would like to be added.

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