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I have been a genealogist and family historian since 1988. The areas I am interested in are Berks, Bucks, Clarion, Crawford, Elk, Huntingdon, Jefferson, McKean, Schyllkill, Venango, Warren and Westmoreland Counties in Pennsylvania, and Pocahontas and Tucker counties in West Virginia. I am also interested in some counties in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. That is, for now. I am also very interested in old photos. The names I am researching are Beers, Bowersox, Gulnac, Humphrey, Myers, Sharp, Shoup, Stahlman and Terwilliger.

Most of my memorials are of relatives. Please write if you see someone you are related to, perhaps we could exchange information.

I don't post obituaries or other records on my memorials, and I would prefer that you didn't post them either. However, if you have a picture of someone feel free to post it.

Please read Find A Grave's policy on obituaries taken from the contributor's tools page:

Can I add an obituary to my interment listing?
You should not copy obituary notices from newspapers to an individual's memorial record unless you have permission from the newspaper to do so or you are the author of the obituary. Some obituaries that were published in 1922 or earlier are now in the public domain. In general, obituaries in newspapers are submitted by the family with assistance from the funeral home. If the obituary is added to the memorial record, it should list the newspaper and date the obit was printed for example "Published in the Hattiesburg American, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Internet Edition, April 11, 2007". Please do not include the names of living or surviving relatives in the biography, unless you have their permission. If you do not have permission to copy an obituary to a memorial, you may put a note stating the name of the newspaper and the date the obituary was published.
Please do NOT add photographs from obituary notices (unless you, personally took the photo), as they are protected by copyright law. Find A Grave reserves the right to remove obituary notices and photographs from memorial records. Similarly, you may NOT scan an obituary and add it as a photograph to a memorial record.
Obituaries for "famous" individuals are usually written by newspaper staff and can not be posted to Find A Grave as the newspaper company owns that copyright.
Please do not include website addresses that may be listed in the obituary as they usually expire within a year after the obituary is printed.

Please do not add a census, death, birth or any other record as a photo. Actual photos of the person are ok. I say this because you are only allowed 5 pictures, and I'd rather that space would be used for pictures of the person and for cemetery photos.

If you have an edit for one of my memorials, please go to that specific memorial and click the edit tab. I get a link to the memorial that way.

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