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Personal circumstances mean limited time on F.A.G. for a while. Edits will be looked at every 10-20 days. If you choose not to send sources, you can send to edits@ findagrave and THEY WILL ask for your source.
HEADS UP FAG is onto the dup scam and if you stoop that low I will advise them.
Thank you,
Please read the following:

PLEASE RESPECT THE DECEASED AND THEIR FAMILIES BY NOT POSTING DEATH CERTIFICATES OR GRAPHIC INFO ON A MEMORIAL! All bio info belongs in the BIO section, not the photo section. Remember YOU can be held LEGALLY LIABLE for what you post! See read the FindaGrave Community rules
I respect FindaGrave’s rules by omitting the names of the living from pre-engraved headstones and obituaries. As per FAG rules You may EXTRACT INFO FROM THE OBIT ETC. AND, IN YOUR OWN WORDS, submit an edit for the bio section, quoting the source and date of publication. Death certificates are not an attractive addition to a person’s memorial and may be upsetting to family members who can choose to pull them for themselves. Cause of death is a very private, personal, medical record. Families thank you for not disrespecting their loved ones. I will be very unhappy if you disrespect the deceased.


First rule of Genealogy - Genealogy without proper first sources is mythology.
Please show that you have done your research by providing the source of your information. Sources are “First Documents” defined as an eyewitness account – not family trees, guesses or assumptions, however well intentioned. Please remember edits are suggestions, not demands. Sources must be verifiable by the general public, not paid for sites. This helps keep FindaGrave an accurate, reliable source of info. Future generations rely on the validity of your sources for their research.

Thank you to those of you who do send sources. For those of you who can’t be bothered a note from F.A.G. “If your suggestion is declined, resubmit WITH YOUR SOURCES. If your edit is still declined you can send your declined edits to edits@findagrave WITH your sources.”
Please don’t waste their or my time.

F.A.G. states: “The biography is to be about the memorialized person. The bio must not look like a case file.” If sufficient info is already in the bio, I will not add marriage records, census, family tree info. etc. unless necessary to record pertinent info.

I have no time for drama and immature behavior. We are all volunteers here to make the best, MOST accurate memorials possible. This is not a race for numbers, but a place to show RESPECT for the deceased, their families, and volunteers. The deceased are real people, not numbers. (Volunteers are real people with real lives too!) If you are having difficulty understanding how to behave on this site, perhaps you should read the FindaGrave Community rules Rude behavior will be ignored and/or reported!

TRANSFERS will be made as per FAG guidelines, however, All requests will be considered if you state your TRUE relationship and include your member number through the other edits ON THE MEMORIAL. If you do not transfer outside of guidelines then please don't ask me to do so for you. Note from F.A.G: it is not appropriate to request a transfer and then, after receiving the transfer, delete that page and substitute it with a new memorial that you have created. This practice denies credit to the original contributor. Please use the original memorial page to make updates and add information. In other words, do not change the bio on the memorial but correct or add BELOW what is already done. (Courtesy)

I have a lot of respect for people who walk the cemeteries taking photos, using their own time, money, gas, and those who take the time to do the research and source it! I do not feel it is right for people to sit back at home and copy that info and send it as an edit for F.A.G. Please go out and get the photo or look up the info yourself. DON'T CHEAT by copying another site's info/photos. They will be reported.

Best advice received from a fellow Fagger, "Please don't allow the rude, abusive and sometimes rather bizarre behavior of individuals to curb your enthusiasm for your willingness to help others, and thank you for requesting sourced information that generations of families of the deceased will forever appreciate!"

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