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** SACs and E-Mail Update!! **
As of today, 30-Jul-2020, I have most of the SAC's caught up, (I just need to do the ones that came over yesterday), and I am currently working through my August 2019 e-mails.

I will get to everybody!!
As always, I Thank you for your patience!!
This is a prototype of the bell that will be tied to my wrist when I get placed in a box and set into the ground; I want to be sure that someone hears it...

I found and fell in love with this site while doing some research on previous owners of my home that was built over 100 years ago.

There is an incredible rush when a little piece of information is discovered, and through this site, I have met some great folks and it has been absolutely thrilling to be able to provide information to those I never would have been able to be in contact with.

I was able to provide a photo of an ancestor to a Find A Grave member, and their e-mail to me was packed with such gratitude that I felt as if I had just given them ten million dollars.

That has awakened a real passion for me; I now spend whatever time that I can spare, finding and reading old newspapers and documenting all that I can to see what information I can provide to those who are researching their family history.

Hopefully, my finds will either contain new and exciting leads, or at least confirm already discovered information.

If any information needs to be added, edited, or linked up, just let me know and I will be more than happy to do that.
**New as of October 2014**
I created a blog called Ancestral Sightings to contain my genealogical clippings of information discovered throughout my travels and whom I can and cannot link to on Find A Grave.

Please come pay it a visit and let me know what you think!
On Tuesday night, 13-Sept-2016, I lost my best friend Samuel.

He was one of two of the biggest lights in my life and I miss him terribly. A huge part of me is missing; never to be replaced.

If you have any edits sent to be by SAC or e-mail, please be patient with me as I am struggling with the transition of my editor, math checker and proof-reader not being with me anymore.
On 04/06/2019 my computer crashed during the "oh-so-wonderful ; we're-making-Windows-better-for-you ; no-you-can't-turn-the-updates-off ; updates-are-installing-whether-you-want-them-to-or-not-right-now" Windows 10 Updates. The ABSOLUTE WORST piece-of-shit platform EVER!!

Please bear with me as I am trying to recover my hard drive and re-build my computer back to its pre-crash status.

I will be getting to all of your E-Mails, Messages and SACs as soon as possible.
Thank You for your understanding!!
**Crash Update** :
Computer crashed again. This time it was the 2 TB hard drive and I had to get a new hard drive that I did not have the money in the budget for. Ugh. I can't catch a good break for crying out loud.

I'm back up and running again, and am working on the Edits/SAC's and will get to the e-mails as soon as possible.

Thanks again for your continued patience!
Crash Update 21-Jan-2020:
Whooo Hoooo!!!
I have been able to recover a *significant* number of e-mails that fell victim to the two computer crashes of 2019. I am currently working on all of those and I am down to the last 250+ e-mails.

**I am currently working on e-mails that were sent to me on and after 12-April-2019. I am completed with April and May 2019 and I am currently working on June 2019.**

If you had sent me an e-mail on or after 06-Apr-2019, please do one of the following:
1.) Check to see if your correction has been completed.
2.) Check the date above to see where I am in getting e-mails read and worked on.
3.) If the date listed above is after the date that you sent your e-mail and your correction has not been completed, there is a good chance that your e-mail was not able to be recovered and I ask you to resubmit your e-mail so I can attend to your concerns.

As always, I "Thank You!" and really appreciate everyone's patience and understanding until I can get caught up.
** SACs and E-Mail Update!! **
I'm part of the support staff for the front lines during this C-19 mess, working swing shifts, overnight shifts, then early shifts, double-shifts, etc. It has all melded into one big blur.

I'm salary staff, therefore I do not get overtime pay, nor do I get hazard pay for any of this.

Please bear with me; I will get to all edits, corrections, additions, e-mails as soon as I can.
Thank you for your patience!!

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