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My primary goal is to honor all veterans but in particular those brave men who faced the enemy on the battlefield sacrificing their health and lives in defense of our country.
Consider that the information given in memorials is not only provided by the memorial manager but also by others through edit requests which cannot always be verified and therefore may be inaccurate. As of July 2019, I have approved 16,660 direct edit requests and personally requested over 19,000, and taken and suggested countless more through other correspondence. Changes may also be added without the review of the memorial manager if not acknowledged in a given time period. This process is subject to revision as long as the memorial exists. And well beyond the term of the memorial manager. Also, many duplicate memorials are merged and the administration decides which data will be shown after merging.
Be respectful that the burial was located. Ultimate accuracy of deceased is the responsibility of you and any others interested.

Please do not assume a middle name by suggesting a surname. I will not add without a baptism record, their personal signature or carved in full on tombstone. Middle initials on tombstones with first letter of mother's surname are seldom the actual Christian middle name which many incorrectly add as fact, and mostly for males, a practice which only became common in recent years. Such initials are also often redundant with maiden names. I prefer to display names as they are most commonly perceived by skilled researchers and/or as they appear on the tombstone. Most German children were baptized with two given names. For boys, the first name was almost always Johann or Hans while, for girls, it was usually Anna or Maria. These common first names were often dropped in records created after baptism and the individual used his or her more distinctive middle name – Unless shown on tombstone or in signature I prefer to display the "Rufname" as the first name. This also facilitates more ease while searching records.

My thanks and devotion to you who are courteous, polite and appreciative. Those who are rude, demanding and condescending, don't call me, I'll call you.

My Patriots of the Revolution include: George Herbst 1712, George Dry 1725, Johannes Koch 1725, Jacob VanReed 1726, Michael Bauer 1729, Daniel Guldin 1735, Johann Christian Scheidt 1736, Michael DeLong 1739, Phillip mathias 1740, Bernhard Eitel 1745, Michael Krebs 1744, Henrich Knauss 1746, John De Turck 1747, Marmaduke Von Buskirk 1750, John Grant 1754, Sebastian Koch 1757, John Breidegam 1757, William Krumrath(Cronrath). My Loyalist who fought for the British is Christian Flicker.

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