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UPDATE INFO AS OF Wednesday, 24Oct2018:

I research and do FindAGrave sometimes together with my wife, but she's now in a nursing rehab facility, but only temporarily; she'll be home by the weekend or at least Monday. She used to help with her lineage (Hughes, Stephenson, Betz, Vain, etc. who were mostly from the Baltimore Maryland area and some from Pennsylvania) but now she's having a rough time just getting around in a wheelchair.
I've missed her very much. XOXOXO

But, my family (Van Duren, van Duuren, Tuinstra, Critchley, Steele, Christie of Angus Scotland (my grt grandma was Georgina Christie of Clan Christie), Thompson, et al, mostly from the same area before they immigrated here, but lived in , northeastern New Jersey, Paterson, Hathorne, Oakland, Wychoff NJ area.

Although, my dad and his siblings were born in Washington state, they moved to northeastern NJ Paterson and Hawthorne, where his mom and dad immigrated to in late 1800s. My mom's parents Critchleys stayed in Paterson NJ area all there life, after first immigrating from United Kingdom).

UPDATE as of Sunday, 07Oct18...
I've lost 50 lbs, and I feel great. and I'm out walking everyday. Still have lots of health problems, but I might even be able to get out and photograph some graves. My health has gotten much MUCH better, a lot more good days now as opposed to bad days. But, my response to any requests you have sent me, may STILL be delayed - I most humbly apologize for this. This is due that I have periods that I cannot/do-not check my messages here or my email messages for as long as 5 day to 10. I have more bad days, but FINALLY some good days.
My email address (NOW NEW, and Facebook page link, is at very bottom. My bio is TOO TOO LONNNNNG. Sorry. My mother always said, our family was "vaccinated w/ a phonograph needle" and I'm probably the worst.
My name is Bob "Cookie" VanDuren, but maternal kin is Critchley (my mother Georgina Mae Critchley married William VanDuren, Dutch), Steele (my grandmother was Georgina Mae Steele, married Joseph Critchley, Westleigh, Lancashire, England), and Christie (my great grandmother was Georgina Christie, married George W Steele both of Montrose area Scotland).
My beautiful wife Elaine and I are Located in Elizabeth City (Nixonton area) North Carolina USA.
My Nickname "Cookie" is from being a cook/chef during first (of many) hitch in Navy. The wonderful kind but taciturn man I served food to, was Admiral "Gus" Kinnear formerly CO of COMNAVAIRLANT, NAS, Norfolk, VA used to prefer to call me Cookie. He unfortunately passed away a few years back. RIP Admiral. +I'll add his FAG memorial link here later).
Since I am both a Navy and a North Carolina Army National Guard vet (total service time: 16 years),
I am INTENSELY Zealously, almost obsessively -- Patriotic, Loyal, and Respectful to ALL* veterans: including: Revolutionary War, American Civil War (South and North), and all other wars since, especially those MIAs, KIAs, lost at sea, and those with misplaced cremated remains (now called "cremains" ).
*by ALL I mean, any country, except ISIS and the like.

With my and membership, I often tenaciously search for missing info on Memorials (especially Military) that don't have complete birth and death data, maiden names, middle name, military prefix, and even newspaper articles (e.g. Obits) and finding close families' Memorials to link.

#If you try to get up with me, please be patient. I will get to you in about a week. I have multiple health problems (that as I updated above), and I do FindAGrave (and research) which I thoroughly enjoy, but I do it to help keep my mind off my pain and discomfort.
Since my wife's and my health HAS BEEN so bad, we just added a FindAGrave Memorial for each of us, just in case we "kick the bucket" shortly, and go to be with our LORD in Heaven. YES, we do already have a joint plot (but no stone yet) in Westlawn Cemetery, Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Will add Memorial #s and hyperlinks here later.
Mine: Memorial# 161724595
My FindAGrave_Memorial location.

My gorgeous wife's: Memorial# 161724892
"Elaine Margaret 'Little Elaine' Hughes Stephenson VanDuren" and her FindAGrave_Memorial location.
FindAGrave and Memorials I manage or internet in:
My immediate family: 1) (Paternal) VanDuren, Tuinstra (grandmother: Anna Tuinstra); Weller, Englehardt, Del Vecchio. 2) (Maternal) Critchley, Steele, Christie, Fullerton, Cobb ; Crooks, Carpenter, and Haynes.
My wife's: Hughes, Stephenson/Stevenson, Betz, Vain, Hoggard, Richardson, Outlaw, and Chambers.
My daughter-in-law's: White, Elliott.
Other not-blood distant relatives: Watson, Del Viccio, Terhune, and Mitch.
Friends: Evans, Underwood, Roeh (Jillian) more to be added.
PERSONAL INFO ABOUT My beautiful wife Elaine and I:

"Santa" Bob proposes to Miss Elaine "Claus"at a Holiday party on Saturday December 26, 1992.
The lovely future bride answered with a joyful tearful "YES-SSS"

I gave my sweety a sapphire and diamond ring combo, that was secretly disguised inside a Christmas wrapped shirt box. My Elaine Hughes Stephenson hosted this large gathering.

Our nuptials took place about a year later on a Sunday afternoon January 29, 1994 at the very same church - Calvary Baptist, Elizabeth City NC - that we met at. I was the Singles Sunday School teacher and she was one of my students. Beauty, Wisdom, intelligence, a great capacity of understanding, and an hilarious sense of humor: this were the rare qualities I fell in love with.
My Miss Elaine and I, say, "Ho Ho Ho, hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year" ~(:-{)
Respectfully and Appreciatively, Bob Cookie n Elaine VanDuren.

P.S. when my health improves more, like losing 50 more pounds, 10 lbs at a time, I intend to become a FindAGrave Photo Volunteer. I really love FindAGrave!! :-)
####FINALLY, He's ALL DONE...whewwww!

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