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So really...any obituary published before 1994 can be used on a memorial page. If a family member objects, then take it down or transfer the page to them, since they are the family of the person in question & nobody needs to keep memorials that a family member would like anyway. I put my name & FG # on all the memorials that I add info to so if there is an issue, they know who to blame. ☺
Saw this on another contributors' page and she said it perfectly. Though I changed a few things, because it's not my intention to steal anyone else's thoughts.

So for anyone who wonders how or why I'm sending them edits:

As a regular part of my research I read old newspapers (a lot). From time-to-time I come across obituaries and stories that should be told...or sometimes not even stories...just actual birth dates instead of just years. Often, I will follow-up to see if they are on Find-A-Grave. If so, I USUALLY type out the obituary & send it to the page manager. Other times I will post the actual article, though I think typing it out is better. Not everyone adds the obits, which I find sad. But it's their choice. I also do not like to see children separated from parents and I will take the time to research and connect families if at all possible. If there are 10 kids in a family, I will try to find ALL ten kids, though sometimes there just isn't enough information to be found anywhere to do that. What's sad is if you CAN find all the children, but not the parents. When that happens, I will usually send the family list as it was in 1880 or 1900, etc. to one of the "children's" memorial pages & hope that the manager will then post at least that. Also, the census takers back then...did they not ask how to spell names or did they just write them the way it sounded instead of asking? LOL I don't expect anyone to answer that, I just often wonder.
I am willing to dig a bit deeper for families I am not associated with by DNA or circumstance simply because no one should be alone...
To put some people's mind at ease, I DO not "dig" very far into the past of someone who has died within the last 50 years. I respect that some of their closer relatives are still around & might not want so & so to know that Uncle Earl had 2 other wives before he married Aunt Edna.
So there is my reason for sending the obits and the edits. If I have something wrong, please let me know that. But if you research it yourself, you will find the same information. Just be careful when there are many of the same name. It's not a good thing if you put a whole family with the wrong "John Smith."
If & when something happens to me, all of my memorials will go to my middle son Dominic who will take over documenting.
I also am interested in Spanish influenza victims 1917 - 1920. Soldiers started dying from it before civilians did, they just weren't sure what it was yet. I have a few lists in my virtual cemeteries of those I find. Hopefully we won't ever lose this site or the virtual cemeteries, because a lot of work has been done by thousands of people to make this site what it is. Thank you to all of you who take the photos, take down the information, the ones that research & add information, etc. We are all making a difference. None are better than any other.
I won't respond to rude messages because if I do, then I will just be sarcastic & nobody likes that. :)
Like I said above, I add full obituaries, especially older ones. I may leave out the grandchildren's name in the "newer" ones, but it's already on the internet & if they didn't want people to see it or know anything about the person, they wouldn't have put it up to begin with. Future generations will wonder what our issue(s) were. They have no idea. ☺
My Virtual Cemeteries are many. Some are just fun things. Others not so much. None are meant to offend. It's just something I enjoy doing. I use some to keep certain cemeteries organized. I don't have those public, but may eventually. I think all military should be remembered. I have a few "cemeteries" for them. Don't think that just because I don't have one for EVERY war that I don't care about them, because I do. I leave flowers for all.

"Every man's life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another."---Ernest Hemingway
The epitaph of actor Claude Rains:
"All things once are things forever, Soul, once living, lives forever."
Who know how near our end may be?
Time speeds away and death comes on.
How soon, Oh! How suddenly may death be here and life be gone.
O God! For Jesus sake we pray,
Grant us Thy peace on our dying day.
Happy Hunting/Searching/Photographing/Adding! :)

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