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I think I have edited this about 6 million times now. :)

I was born & raised in Salida, CO. Lived a few other places, but ended up back here. I used to go to Fairview Cemetery here a lot as a child because my grandma & mom were always "cleaning the graves" of relatives it seems. I miss those days. I loved cemeteries from the beginning. Peaceful, some beautiful tombstones & I always wondered about the people that used to be here before me.
I will not leave cause of death in the flower section IF you add that particular information that I sent you. I don't research cause of death just for myself. There are others who want to know as well. I will say that if you don't want death certificates on your pages then I will respect that.
I don't "hoard" Memorials or collect them. I sometimes look at those that have no page manager at that moment & if I feel that I can find information to add, then I will become the page manager. If it turns out that I can't find anything, then I turn it back over to FindaGrave.
I enjoy researching & also typing out obituaries. I just think it looks better. I then send them to whomever has that person's page. Some choose not to add it, which I think is sad, but then we can just add the newspaper clipping. There is no reason why there shouldn't be more information on a person's page. That's what it's there for. To remember them. It's not about the person who made the memorial. They are just a part of it. A lot of people seem to forget that.
I will add unknown burials from time to time. They were here too & there's no reason not to have them here. Someone may be looking for them but don't know where to even start. So they may not be unknown burials forever.
I won't respond to rude messages because if I do, then I will just be sarcastic & nobody likes that. :) If you send me a message thru my e-mail...I will be better about responding. I don't always check it, which apparently is not a good thing. So if you have sent me a message there, I'm not ignoring you. I just forget to look sometimes. Getting older is no picnic. ;)
I add full obituaries, especially older ones. I may leave out the grandchildren's name in the "newer" ones, but it's already on the internet & if they didn't want people to see it or know anything about the person, they wouldn't have put it up to begin with. Future generations will wonder what our issue (or issues) were. They have no idea.
My Virtual Cemeteries are many. Some are just fun things. Others not so much. None are meant to offend. It's just something I enjoy doing.
"Every man's life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another."---Ernest Hemingway
Happy Hunting/Searching/Photographing/Adding! :)

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