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UPDATED: 30 April 2022 ---- Thank You ALL for the Prayers... I have went from Stage 4 cancer Terminal now to just Cancer .... Praise God .... [died twice on the operating table on 11/18/2021 guess the good Lord wants me to finish more here and in my tree] and I'm trying to get things done. I'm heading for more surgery on my kidney's... My kidney's are failing me. [Kidney surgery every 2-3 months]
I would like to ask, if you post photo's on my pages or any page that is, please post a source: of the location you take the photo from... People post, the photo of a obit and just post the newspapers name, but we all know you took it from some where else, for the news paper don't keep records of the obits in there building or files. People just can't post the source in the Family Tree, Find a grave for they don't keep these records, I have asked several people to please add the source, its not that hard. Find a grave does a wonderful job of storing what we put on these pages, but they need proof as well sometimes.
I'm adding my family on here that is in my family tree.. you will be able to see the lines.. I do have a huge Family Tree in my Computer with over 25, 000 names and over 5, 000 pictures.. It's growing by the minute.
Sorry, If I'm not getting back to you soon on your requests, I'm having a lot of trouble with my cancer and kidney's .. Also please don't ask to transfer my close family just because I'm dieing. That is very rude. I do have feelings.
(I'm upset that, If I send a suggestion for a memorial, these people decline them, then they add my suggestion on it themselves, not very nice to the person who took the time to send them and research them)
WELCH / WELKER LINE - Floyd Alvin WELCH/Helen Mae WELKER LINE'S - MY MOM'S LINE .... SURNAMES: Appleton - Askey - Andrews - Anderson - Bloom - Babcock - Bailey - Billotte - Benson - Bowery - Bowes - Bricker - Buck - Brickley - Bickle - Botwright - Bumbarger - Baumbarger - Burfield - Burns - Coudriet - Caldwell - Cutler - Cambria - Caldwell - Conklin - Canfield - Derbeque - English - Emigh - Graham - Gisewhite - Green - Greene - Hubler - Hale - Hile - Hunt - Hess - Holthouse - Hugar - Jones - Kear - Kline - Knepp - Kukla - Leigey - Liegey - Lucas - Lewis - Lumadue - Lindsey - Maney - McFaye - Maines - Mains - Mason - McCracken - Martell - Milliron - Martel - Miler - Neeper - Owens - Ogden - Passmore - Powell - Price - Quickle - Royer - Rauch - Rouch - Smeal - Smith - Straw - Shadow - Sprigle - Turner - Vaughn - Woodling - Wiley - Welker - Walker - Welch - Welsh - Woodside - Williams - Winters - Wisor - Whitesell - Yoder and many other...
WHITE/CLIFTON LINE - Everett Vernon WHITE/Beulah Ann CLIFTON LINE'S - MY DAD'S LINE [his parents]
- SURNAME: Adler - Boone, Boothe - Balk - Bralley - Boy - Boye - Barker - Bassett - Bawler - Barred - Beidleman - Bennett - Becher - Burges - Clifton - Cooke - Connelly - Compton - Droke - Dixon - Dykes - Elder - Edwards - Funkhouser - Gardner - Gordon - Hicks - Hunter - Hale - Hubler - House - Jackson - Lawrence - Lavender - McCoy - Myers - Moore - MacDonald - MacLean - Olson - Perkins - Pettinger - Quillin - Rawdmile - Richards - Snow - Slayer - Terry, Trolle, - Uitts - White - Wardour- Walton - Wax - Welker - Winslow - Woolridge - Woods and many more....
My 8th Great Grandfather: William "Mayflower Compact" White came from England to Massachusetts on the Mayflower in 1620 with wife Sarah ... William died in 1621 and Sarah married John Edwards ... Both William and John signed the Mayflower Compact
(The picture is of my Baby, Kee Kee who died Aug. 11, 2018)
I collect obituaries (over 50k & still counting) I'm adding them on here (a Little at a time). I have a genealogy room that when my time on this earth is done, it all goes to my wonderful Cousin who has help me out so very much, on my health and my family tree as well.. .❤ He is also helping me on here as well..he is using my name. He is sending suggestions and correcting memorials.
Here on my page you will find Marriage License info ... I have spent hours and hours on line as well as at the court house, I pick a surname, and run with it. So far, I have 4 books each has 636 Licence in each book.. I also have 30 pages [22 on each page] to add to the books, gonna need more books .. You can take the Doc# and the Instrument # to the Clearfield County Courthouse and you will be able to pull up the original Marriage License... Carol and the girls are so sweet there...
Theses are added to the memorials ... These help out so get much...
If I forgot something or something is wrong, please use the edit button to contact me, its faster for me to get them corrected. Also, send the source or we will decline them, like you decline ours.
My father, William A. White, the love of my life George V. Lewis Jr. Thank you for all who has left message's and for stopping by my Memorial's and leaving virtual flowers. Please stop by and visit my mother, Shirley G. (Welch) White..Link off my father please. She passed away March 27, 2019 ...
You have my permission to use any of the photos posted on my memorials.. Please give credit where it is do.. Thank you

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