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If I am not related to the deceased, I will be more than happy to transfer. I am not in for the numbers.

When suggesting an edited death place, please use the actual death place, not the LAST RESIDENCE suggested in the U.S. Social Security Death Index record unless it is same as the death place.

(1) Find A Grave STRONGLY discourages, and disapproves of, unknown burials. If there is no mention of a burial or cremation in the obituary or any funeral home's web site, DO NOT create memorials! Calling a funeral home just to find out so you can create a memorial is tacky, in my opinion. Unless you have inside information, if there's no burial or cremation, there's none!

When contributors create unknown burials, the names of the deceased will "disappear." Other contributors will think there are no memorials and end up creating duplicates. To avoid creating duplicates, PLEASE search by name without a cemetery first.

(2) Find A Grave also STRONGLY disapproves of deleting memorials with pictures or stuff other people put in your memorials you originally created just because you don't like it or they didn't delete it as fast as you want them to, and then re-creating new ones. If you find pictures or stuff you don't want in your memorials, please send a nice message via Suggest A Correction (SAC) and wait patiently for 30 days. If there are no results, then feel free to contact Find A Grave. This also goes for those who requested transfers and don't get them!

Keep in mind that if you delete your original memorial to re-create a new one, you lose your position in the line. What I meant is if someone else unknowingly creates a duplicate and then you, not aware of the duplicate, delete yours to re-create another one, yours will be considered as a duplicate and deleted, not the other duplicate, because your memorial number will be higher than that duplicate's. That duplicate will then be considered as an original.

(3) DO NOT add marriage licenses and/or death certificates in my memorials. They are not necessary and take up space intended for pictures. However, if the information, i.e., birth/death dates, in the memorial is different from the death certificate, you may post it as proof.

(4) DO NOT add obituaries or lengthy notes in the flowers/notes area in the memorials in not only my memorials, but other contributors' as well. When I find them, I will report them as abusive.

" What may not be included as a Note on a Flower?
Do not leave derogatory, politically charged, biographical information, or obituaries as a note. Inappropriate notes will be removed, and members who continue to abuse notes will have their account closed."

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