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Due to a health crisis I (Angie) won't be online often, as such I have given some family members access to my profile and they will be helping. We have transferred all non-relatives memorials (except the Taufen family & the Stith's who are non-related) to other people but will continue to manage our relatives memorials. DO NOT ask me to transfer any of my relatives, I am willing to transfer the Taufin & Stith memorials but not any of the others). Corrections will be made as soon as possible, the family members helping all work or go to school so it may take a few weeks to get something changed. It will help speed things up if you include photo's of your documentation so we can verify information. We won't correct things we cannot verify. Please DO NOT use the suggestions option to send us the same corrections over and over it becomes too confusing, plus it is obnoxious and will end up getting ignored.

We can be reached through any memorial we manage. ***ONLY SEND A MESSAGE IF IT PERTAINS TO A CORRECTION OR SUGGESTION & PLEASE ONLY SEND INFORMATION ONCE NOT MUTIPLE TIMES & DO NOT BE RUDE*** messages that are rude/harassing will get deleted (after being forwarded to admin if harassing) without being read in its entirety. People make mistakes sometimes, whether it was accidental or intentional. There is no need to be obnoxious about it when pointing a mistake out. You may also use any memorial to contact us if you are related and you wish to connect with one or more of us. Please request edits, corrections and transfers by clicking the "EDIT" tab on the memorial page, select the category of your edit and submit. For bios or obits please use "suggest other corrections". Findagrave admin can see all messages that have been posted publicly, or sent privately via the edit tab, even if they have been deleted.

If an edit is suggested by us it will be one that we have knowledge of either from a family bible a cousin of ours has or from Angie's research with the LDS churches Family History department, Census/Marriage/Birth/Death/ETC. Records, gravestones or graveyard records (though note not all graveyard records are accurate or complete), or first hand knowledge. Most edits suggested will be to family memorials so if you prefer to transfer so we can edit it we would appreciate that.

Duplicate memorials that a member refuses to delete are merged with the original memorial with the original memorial being retained. We are not responsible for duplication of burial unknowns or memorials placed in the wrong cemetery, or that were not placed in a cemetery, or the correct cemetery.

There is no limit to the amount of edits someone can send you. I (Angie) send a ton of edits, and I won't apologize for it. Striving to have a complete and accurate database is not a bad thing. For people who manage an entire graveyard I can sometimes end up submitting a lot of edits in one day. If that is bothersome, simply let me know and I can make a spreadsheet of the information and either email, public message or send it via the suggestions edit section. I you prefer I submit the info via a spreadsheet or word document I will be sure to put the memorial numbers with the relevant changes. I certainly do not intend to bombard anyone with a ton of edits, but I do not keep track of who I am sending edits to only the persons whom the memorial is for. I have a set list that I follow each time I am on here and on average will view 200 memorials a day or more. I can't possibly keep track of who manages all those. Again, I am a reasonable person and will work with anyone who is willing to be reasonable back.

Any suggestions or corrections sent via "suggest a correction" will not be changed until I can personally verify the information. If you have photo's of documents with proof please include them with your suggestion. DO NOT submit corrections by simply leaving flowers with the information. I will not make corrections based on information left via flowers. It is not the proper way to send them.

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