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Find A Grave is a great site for honoring the deceased. The information provided is a great source for family research. In the beginning I really enjoyed researching and adding information, but that changed.

Due to ill health I cannot tolerate the abuse that some other Find A Grave contributors dish out.

Find A Grave has a dark side. It attracts bullies that hide behind the anonymity of a web name. It allows self entitled bullies, whose only measure of their self worth is to chastise, negate and degrade others, to act without consequence.

Several years ago, after a barrage of insulting messages, I removed the 100's of photos and personal bios that I had added to my pages, which was sad as there was a lot of good information that would have assisted others in their family research. I thought this would stop the insults, and it did for the most part. But I still get nasty messages.

And no, as one contributor told me to just suck it up, I do not have to suck up the insults and mean words that others feel justified in dishing out.

I would like to offer some advice to the people who think they are justified to be mean- first get some therapy - then get a life - and last - go into a room with no one else around. Look deeply into a mirror and chastise the reflection you see. Really lay into the reflection with all the self loathing you are so fond of heaping unto others.

Now how does that make you feel - if you are any resemblance to a decent human being, you will not feel very good. Now think about that the next time you feel you have the right to treat others in that manner.


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