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"Genealogy begins as an interest,
Becomes a hobby,
Continues as a vocation,
Takes over as an obsession,
And in its last stages,
Is an incurable disease."
- By Wayne Scott, March 2013, Renaissance Magazine
// ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ // NOTE: If you add data or edits to a memorial in my stewardship and that person is not related to me, I reserve the right to transfer the memorial to you as custodian. // ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ // SIGNIFICANT MEMORIALS: My Mother, Margaret 'Marg' Mills, 1915 - 2014, #134525830 --AND-- My Dad, F/O William Ross 'Bill' Mills, 1908 - 1965, RCAF 1940-1945, 435(T) Squadron Burma 1944-'45, #45350034 // ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ // QUOTE: "If we don't grab this data, it's gone. Stones are face down, fallen over. Some that we can read now, we won't be able to read later. Counties just don't have the resources to restore every cemetery." --Gail Brown, coordinator faculty of the Geographic Information System program at Kirkwood Community College (Cedar Rapids, Iowa), on cemetery preservation and recording // ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ // HUMOUR: "God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind that I will never die."- Bill Waterson [creator, 'Calvin & Hobbes'] // Visitor: What a nice town. Have you lived here all your life? Old Lady: Nope. Not yet. // My next vehicle license plate cover will read: LOVE...EAT.. .SLEEP.. .FAMILYTREE...FIND-A-GRAVE // ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ // LEGACY REQUEST ** When the time comes that I become part of my own entries and am therefore unable anymore to manage the memorials in my stewardship, I would like them all to be transferred over to my cousin and fellow contributor, Mr Dale Alleyne (member #48076216) ** // ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ // BIO NOTES: A proud Canadian, I now live in the beautiful Province of British Columbia :D I moved to Victoria on Vancouver Island (BC) in May 2018. Recovery from a second hip surgery on Oct 30/18 continues to go well. Now I'm bilaterally bionic and "standing on even ground again" at last. LOL :D My Find-a-Grave activity is only moderately curtailed by the essentials of Having A Life and a Good Loving Relationship. Queries, SACs and requests responded to as soon as I can get a round tuit. Sincere apologies for all delays, and thank you for your patience. =]) Beth M. // ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ // Locations of personal and photo-volunteering interest near my former home in Ontario include all of Simcoe County (which is about an hour north of Toronto), plus Ancaster (west Hamilton) and the (former) County of Wentworth, which are due west of Toronto. // ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ // COPYRIGHT COURTESY REQUESTED! If you wish to use a photo that I (OhSunnyOne) have uploaded to a memorial here on Find-a-Grave, and you post it to another website 'as yours', KINDLY ASK ME FIRST. In general, I don't mind if anyone uses my photos for their _personal_ records, and I would hope my name would be included for the source file. But please, if you're going to post them to a FEE-BASED/SUBSCRIPTION website (including Ancestry, which as we all know ultimately profits from _everything_ contributed to their site), it would be nice if credit to the photographer (me) could be given within the posting. A credit line such as: 'Photograph taken by OhSunnyOne, Victoria BC, Canada' would be very much appreciated. Thank you for this consideration. // ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ //

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