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People who throw temper tantrums will be ignored. Some people have never heard the word "No" and it shows. You aren't special no matter what your mommy says.

If you see that a photo has been added to the page but the information from the headstone has not been added to the fields on the page, suggest edits and just add the information, 'Jean'.
Please Contribute!
Attention! More than one person can have the same name!
Please don't send links to death certificates and a message saying "fill it in".

More than happy to make corrections but I am curtailing (not stopping) transferring memorials due to growing misunderstanding of what Find A Grave is about by those discovering the site for the first time.

The time members have put into their efforts working together and sharing information compiling an historical record - not a genealogical one - is not up for grabs based on same-name surname or lineage and I will not do any of these type of transfers. I will continue to transfer memorials within Find A Grave guidelines.

If you have more memorials managed than contributed, it will be noted.(ie If you manage 300 interments but have personally only added 4, the other 296 have been transferred to you. This is not cool.)

From Find A Grave FAQ:
Transfer requests should be for direct relatives within four generations, this would be your great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, or siblings. Bulk surname requests should not be made.

To add information
Click on the 'Edit' tab, then click on the 'Suggest a correction' (SAG) link on the Edit page. Follow the instructions to submit your correction.
Please do NOT suggest corrections for multiple people on a SAG. You need to use the SAG link for EACH person so that I receive the link to the individual and there will be no confusion.

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