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Find A Grave ... what a great place to remember our loved ones and help others find their "lost" relatives. My utmost gratitude and appreciation to all who visit my family. Thank you so much!

I believe in GOD, believe in The power of Prayer, and believe that there are Angels among us here on earth. May GOD BLESS you!

It is a passion of mine to research family history. My goal is to honor our ancestors by finding and recording as much biographical information as possible.

As the generations come and go, a certain amount of family facts and history that can be obtained only from the memory of individuals is lost. The purpose here is to record some of the information before it disappears in the mists of time.

It is a rare individual who does not at sometime in his or her life wonder just who his forebears were; what they did, where they lived, what personal characteristics did they possess that might have been passed down from generation to generation; from whence came the composite of genes that determined our particular physical features such as color of eyes and hair, height, complexion and sometimes even our personal traits and dispositions.

To trace both our paternal and maternal ancestors back beyond a few generations is difficult, if not almost impossible. We start with two (2) parents, four (4) grandparents, eight (8) great-grandparents, etc., so that after only ten (10) generations we have over one thousand (1,000) ancestors.

Our maternal ancestors are just as important as the paternal forebears. The only reason we use the paternal side, hence the name McManness is that it gives us a continuous thread by which to trace a common ancestral line.

It is hoped that living descendants will find this brief information to be of some interest. You should be warned, however, that those husbands, wives and friends who are not descendants will probably not be the least interested. They are more concerned with what you, your children or grandchildren are doing now or may do or not do in the future than they are in who your great, great-grandfather or great-grandmother were and what they did two (200) hundred years ago.

After all, just knowing who your ancestors were will not increase the amount of your paycheck, improve the children's grades, change their behavior, nor lower your taxes.

Some knowledge of the past, some information on just who we are and what line of descent brought us into being does help us to better understand ourselves. Without a past, there could not be a present, there could not be a future.

So I hope you of the present and future generations find some pleasure in reviewing this information that has been "dug" up on our family history. It is far from complete and perhaps you will be able to help.

Let's help other family members and family history researchers that visit a memorial by adding all known information before it is forgotten and also make the family connections or links.

Every person has a story. If you have anything at all to add to any of my family, please don't hesitate to share it with me and all those who might visit in the future.

Most of my memorials are my direct family. I will add any information, bio's, links, etc on request. I can be reached via the edit tab at the top right corner of every memorial, which is the best method.

If you have any questions about family history research, or need help navigating this wonderful site, I always enjoy the opportunity to help you. Thanks to everyone who has sent encouraging and positive thoughts!

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