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Calling all Find-a-Gravers from West Texas: I've started a Facebook page titled WEST TEXAS FIND A GRAVE. This is mostly for the folks in my area but is an open group and is open to all. It's not a gripe session about the site but should be used to help with what cemeteries need to be surveyed or photographed. Feel free to check it out.
I'll be listing as many cemeteries in the Lubbock, Texas area as possible. I would like to meet with other members in Lubbock. Please feel free to get in touch with me and i'll try to answer any questions that i can.

I've noticed a trend lately that should be addressed. Please do not add Death Certificates to my memorials. This may be a good source of information but I feel it is out of place on memorials. You can request a tranfer of ownership if you feel the need to post a Death Certificate.

Also on the subject of Death Certificates, please be aware of the pitfalls of taking this information as absolute. There has been some discussion on this topic in the Forums. Use care when reading this data. The location given as the place of burial is not always the correct name of that cemetery. It may only be the city where the person was taken. I've seen too many times where an incorrect listing is added unnecessarily by folks unfamiliar with the location of burial. Many cemeteries have changed names or ownership over the years. Please double check the county listing before adding a new cemetery. You might save yourself a lot of time and trouble.

I'm more than glad to make any correction, update or transfers that pass my way. Please use the Edit (Suggest a Correction) tab on the memorials, as this makes things go faster and easier for me.

Also, any changes that are sent to me, I take at face value so please don't send me a list of sources that prove who the parents are or where they were born. I'm not the DAR or a school teacher who double checks for accuracy. What you send me is what I enter.

I really hate to do this, but from now on, I WILL NOT do any transfers or updates that come to me on the message board. I've had too many requests that have errors in them and this just slows everything down. Please, please please use the EDIT tabs on the memorials. This is what it was designed and set up for so please use it. Also, it has gotten to the point that I will no longer respond to transfer requests or up-date requests that are sent to me here on the Message Board or by e-mail. I will only make changes that come to me via EDIT/SUGGEST A CORRECTION. Thanks.

Just so that everybody understands where I'm coming from: First, any suggestion that I get that has an initial without the period, I will add the period. Find a Grave guidelines and basic English grammar applies here. Second, I will add military rank only to those who died while on active duty. Calling a 90 year old man a PFC does not honor him, it only looks silly. Once a person separates from active duty, any rank he or she may have had, to me, is nothing more than a former job title. Any military information can be added to the BIO field or possibly the INSCRIPTION field.

And let me say this about the INSCRIPTION field: per Admin: " The inscription field is to be used for words, phrases, or sentences that are found on the headstone other than the person’s name or birth and death dates.

Whether the marker is readable or not has no bearing." This means an obit, bio information, research notes, etc. are not to be placed here. If you don't know what the word inscription means, find a dictionary and look it up. In other words, if it is not carved into the grave marker, it is not an inscription.

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