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Feel free to use my marker photo's for personal non-profit use.

You may NOT use my photos to 're-post' them to other / alternative memorials or other web sites, except Ancestry, LDS, personally owned genealogical research sites or other similar genealogical research sites is OK, but only as long as you attribute the source (me).

Memorials I have added are ones that I discovered via photographing cemeteries, from Obituaries, from Death Certificates and the like. If you wish to become the manager for any of the memorials that I manage... just ask. Worst that can happen is I say no.

If you have any concerns / corrections for the memorials I manage, please do not submit them via a Find A Grave message! Instead, utilize the edit function. Also, be aware that children can not be added from the memorial of their parents. Instead, the parents have to be added from the memorial(s) of the child(ren) (I get messages to add children on a regular basis, but it is not something that can be done from the parental memorial).

Keep in mind that Find A Grave is NOT a Genealogy Site, per se, even though many treat it as such (posting all sorts of unnecessary images and details). It is, however, owned by Ancestry, which is a Genealogy site (to build / document family trees). This site is primarily to record and preserve burials / graves and inter-link the person to the burials / graves of known immediate family (Parents / Kids / Siblings), which makes it a great site for research, but not a site to build your tree!
Find A Grave is not the place to add Photo's / Images of assorted documents (i.e. Census Records, Marriage records, Social Security records, etc.), as most such records are readily available to everyone via one Internet Source or another. So, don't clutter up Memorials with such unnecessary images, thanks.

I have seen many Memorial Managers refuse edits, blanket accept edits or just allow edits go to default approval after 30 days (valid edits or not). I try to be a good steward for the memorials that I manage and I actually review / research submitted edits before I accept them. If your source is not easily found by way official records such as those on Genealogical Web Sites (Social Security, Census, Death Certificate, Obituaries, Ancestry, etc.), feel free to post a message to me on the "proof" for your submitted edit and where I might find it.

Be aware, however, I do not consider anyone's Family Tree as viable "proof!" Many family trees use other family trees as their source... and none of them seen to have a root source other than another family tree. It's a vicious unsourced cycle, that perpetuates unsourced information!

I also believe that being a good steward is not about sticking strictly to headstone inscriptions, as it can contribute to obscurity, since markers are sometimes wrong and can lack in enough information to allow the person buried there to be more easily / properly identified and connected to their families. Instead, I prefer being as complete as possible. Full names, married names, all spouses, full dates, attribution notes (if merited) and so forth.

Genealogy is a journey entrenched in research. With the aid of Genealogy web sites, finding a Memorial is not made more difficult by being more complete / accurate than the headstone itself. In fact, it is my opinion that it actually makes it easier to identify people for one's research and is more complete as to who a person was, as well as a benefit to their descendants and relatives.

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