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If I've created a memorial that is for a family member of yours, or a friend, or a neighbor, or just anyone that you would like to manage and develop their memorial, and would like me to transfer it to you, just ask, I'll be glad to do so.

I have done family tree research on my family on and off since I was a teenager. I have found much information on this site for my family, so I've been 'paying back' by photographing cemeteries in my area. Feel free to copy and repost any gravestone picture I upload, without restriction.

I do most of my work at Elmwood Cemetery in Birmingham, Alabama. I usually pick a block and photograph the whole thing, and I'm starting with the older part of the cemetery. Building on the work of many others, I have walked the rows and added photos to existing memorials, or added new memorials, for every grave marker in blocks 1 through 24, 26, and all of the buildings of the mausoleums. I started block 29 in April 2021. I'm also attempting to confirm the burial places (often unmarked) of the oldest memorials at Elmwood, and have so far confirmed (or denied) all of them up to 1912. Most of the ones from 1912 or prior that do not have photos have requests to move them out of Elmwood, but the managers have ignored the request.

We're also doing some work at Oak Hill Cemetery, fulfilling requests and photographing blocks, but much less often. So far we have photographed all the stones in blocks 5, 6, 9, half of 7, 17 and 18 (very few, most of these two blocks is unmarked 'potters field'), 23, 24, 26 and 33. Some stones are too worn to be read, even with sidelighting, and/or too badly overgrown with lichen (which I won't disturb in this cemetery).

Cemetery Maps

I scanned in all the block maps for Elmwood and uploaded them on this site, if anyone else is interested in that cemetery, this will save you a lot of time.

Elmwood Cemetery Maps

I did the same for Oak Hill Cemetery in Birmingham.

You can add links in a bio with HTML, see the link below with format. The site won't let the link code be saved here.

I've been researching indigent burials in Birmingham, and found the history so far to be:

pre-1880 - no organized burial practices that I've been able to determine.

about 1883 to 1890 - about 1420 burials in the Potter's Field at Oak Hill Cemetery. Only about 3 documented in 1889, and 2 in 1890. The vast majority of these are unmarked and unmapped, and many of them may have been covered with several feet of soil from nearby construction.

about 1888 to 1906 - Red Mountain Cemetery - about 4711 burials, almost all unmarked.

1906 - 1930 - Sharit Cemetery possibly, although given the small number of burials there it seems unlikely this is the place. notes, in the writeup on Red Mountain Cemetery, that after 1909 the county transitioned its paupers' burials to a newly-established cemetery in Ketona, but the site does not list any large cemeteries there.
Elmwood Cemetery has a large number of charity burials in block 3 and block 5-Add (near the railroad tracks); it's possible that Elmwood was a sort of alternate Potters' Field; several churches, including a Greek Orthodox church, had assigned areas where they buried their dead without informing Elmwood of who was buried, and where.

maybe 1943 to present - Jefferson County Cemetery While there are a few memorials for the 19-teens, twenties, and thirties, it appears that this cemetery began to be used a lot in June 1943. Very few burials are marked with anything but a small numbered marker.

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