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Anyone is allowed to use any of my photos on their own family trees on or other genealogical / family tree sites, personal, non-commercial use only, no other grave sites. All I ask is that you credit me with the photo. They are still copyrighted.

2016 - FindaGrave Terms of Service (ToS) have changed:

Copyright of all photos on FaG are still held by the original photographer/poster, but ToS now allows anyone to copy any photos *from* FaG or any other Ancestry owned site, *to* any other Ancestry owned site, without permission. The ToS is now that permission that everyone automatically agrees to by posting on or already having their photos posted on FaG. It is not a copyright violation, because the poster agreed to the ToS by so using the site.

Never apply anything to a headstone to make the engraving show up for a photo; no chalk, shaving cream, flour, baking soda, cornstarch, bleach, ammonia, or anything else. It is against FaG rules and it will damage stone over a long period of time. Do not post photos of recently chalked or shaving-creamed headstones. It's in the FAQ.

Most of the memorials that have been transferred to me from someone else, are not relatives of mine. The person that created them simply wanted to get rid of a lot of his memorials and I offered to take some. So if you are related to them, I'll gladly transfer them to you, just ask.

Photos of obituaries on memorials are against the FAQ and copyright, unless you have permission from the newspaper, the author, or it's prior to 1922. Names of surviving relatives, or any other living people, also not allowed per the FAQ.

Taphophile, aka cemetery enthusiast, cemetery tourist, tombstone tourist, grave hunter, or graver, describes an individual who has a passion for and enjoyment of cemeteries. This involves epitaphs, gravestone rubbing, photography, art, history, and genealogy.

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