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I have always been drawn to cemeteries. There is a quiet to them and a history that reaches out to me. I often just go out and take pictures in them trying to preserve before man or time ruins what is left of a person's time in life.

My Grandmother (one of 14 told) me that a person's life savings went into a marker. To mark their time on Earth, to let the world know they had been there. Yet there are so many that will with no care tear them down and destroy them, I feel taking their pictures before they are completely gone is the next best step to showing they were here. Being a photographer has mixed two of my passions when it comes to preserving the past.

I have been doing genealogy since I was 8. I do not take the first hint or clue as gospel I keep looking and digging till I have the full truth. If I did it any other way I would be related to all the wrong people from a lack of laziness and an inability to research the records left behind.

I have been able to photography in four cemeteries in Georgia that hold my families. My next goal would be to go to N.C. , S.C., Pa., Va. and get where my first ancestors came into this country graves.

My family lines include Harden, Wills, Fox, Hall, Harper, Hasty,Hill, ELDRIDGE, Ronaldson, McArthur, Graddick/Gradick/Gredig, Middlebrooks, Pentecost, Raiford, Barnes, Pound, Bailey, Moseley, Stroud, Hunter, Spottiswoode, Walker.

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