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Howdy Folks
Well I'm back on line on my little section of F.A.G. BTW anyone wishing to use any of my grave photos Etc. here on Find A grave must remember that I have spent tons of hard earned $$$ traveling from one cemetery to another all over the USA & Canada to post them "Free" on this site as I'm a very hard core graver!......So what I'm saying is "Help Yourself!" ^_^ just as long as I get at least a little mention/Credit of being the original photographer of said photo.

Now as for transfers of my precious "Ah yes my precious oh my precious hard work obits" I have one fast rule for that! Ask and you shall receive but give me a good reason like their family/Kin Folk or they were friends or friends of friends or "I collect anyone with the surname of Turtledove etc or what ever. BUT! if you just want it because "This person was my great-grandfather's Collage roommates mothers best friend Doctors 3rd cousin twice removed on his maiden aunt fathers older brother side who fought on the British side (aka Tory's) during the Revolution of 1776....Whew!" I might say "No"
or maybe "what the heck " and have a good chuckle.
BTW as of this date I have transferred approx. 583 obits (But who's counting ^_^)

I do not transfer my family members or other kinfolk or those I has sponsored unless your also related to them or me ^_^

So its simple you wont get them unless you ask and don't worry I won't bite.

BTW as for "kin folk" transfer's my No. 1 saying is "Who better to tell the life story of the dearly departed, than their own family." not a total stranger like me who just happen to stumble across their grave marker. ^_^

Thank you and have a happy cemetery travels though my little space here on Find A Grave.

May the Great God Anubis weigh your heart fairly ^_^


As of June 15th 2017 Someone or Something "HACKED" My Find A Grave Yahoo e-mail account so now I can't get into it, I'm not to sure what or who did it or why but I'll get too the many requests that are backing up as I type this.

Thank you for your consideration in advance.

Well I was Born on a Hot Saturday afternoon on July 9th 1955 (Or so my Mom says as I don't remember any thing about it.)
I did the Usual High School bit and Got my Grade 12 just in time to join the Army and do my bit to keep the world safe from the "Red Menace." Well at least that's what my Drill Sergeant told us all in boot camp. I'm now a Federal Prison Guard (Correctional Officer to be more PC) who has three hobbies:

1..Collecting any thing from the Civil War 1861-65 from Relics to Images I collect them all and that is why you find so many Civil War
Graves on my Listings.

2..I collect ancient Roman & Egyptian coins & Relics so if you want an old Roman coin Id'ed send me a scan and I'll ID it for you.

3..Ever since I was a kid I was interested in any unusual Grave Stones or markers So every time I passed an Old Cemetery I would give it a
good look see and take down notes or take photos of the unusual or Civil War Veteran or any other military ones, hey I think that any
one who's willing to fight and maybe die for our Country is worth remembering and being thanked by us, right?

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it I now live in Sunny Sumas WA. USA. So send me an E-mail and we can swap lies or grave stone
stories. Hey I have my own grave stone already planned out and its going to read

"Here Lies Herb Rickards And He's Bloody annoyed about it too!....Look for me on www.findagrave.com"

Well That's all Folks Herb Rickards AKA Ze Furry Felon. If you wish to write to me just send me an edit.

BTW No I'm not related to 99.9% of my obits I Sponsor my friends & family. ^_^

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