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RIP to the most Honorable Elijah Cummings

"These are the times that try men's souls" - Thomas Paine

I am a native of New Jersey, but spent the majority of my adult life in Florida, because driving in snow is just not fun! My ancestors are predominantly of the "West Jersey" Society of Friends set that ventured to America in the late 1600s. My wish for others is that they find this site as useful as I have found it in my quest for connection to my past.

I am a Haines-Garwood-Vansciver-Dischert-Thinnes and Anderson-Seal-Blundin-Lott-Tucker descendant. Any family members or very close friends that desire to manage any memorials I currently manage, please feel free to request a transfer using the edit feature, and I would be happy to consider the request. I am not in a race to collect up the most graves, and would feel more comfortable if someone who knew the departed better than I should manage the memorial. I often come upon obituaries in the course of my research, and if they are not already documented on findagrave, will create a memorial for them. If you know them, or they are your relative and not mine, please do not hesitate to request the transfer. There is an enormous difference between "Guidelines" and mandatory policies. The guidelines are in place because, if traced far back enough, we are ALL related, and there must be some general rule to follow if more than one person wants to manage a particular memorial.

We are all deeply indebted to the more enthusiastic volunteers who have spent countless hours adding memorials to this site, either by photographing entire cemeteries (plural) or diligently scouring ancient records. The drawback to this perseverance is some members acquiring an overwhelming number of memorials that they could not possibly perform timely or thorough follow-up maintenance thereof. Hence, guidelines are merely guidelines, and we would all do well to remember this.

Many thanks to all the volunteers at findagrave for a job well done in documenting our collective history!

Quick statement concerning a recent dramatic increase in number of members not accepting messages - everyone who is a member of this site is a volunteer. Everyone. Not all volunteer their time in the same way, but every volunteer is of equal value, whether they are photographers, genealogical researchers, or biographers. Sans volunteers, this site would not exist. Every volunteer contributing to this site deserves respect. There are plenty of social media outlets out there for wanton snarking and sniping. This isn't one of them. Let decency reign here, please. If you are tired, take a nap rather than snap at fellow volunteers. The edits they sent will still be there when you awaken, refreshed and ready to concentrate. If you are sent an edit that is consistent with research you have already done and posted, yet you still require further supporting evidence before you will make the edit, request it from the submitter. If you request on your profile page or in an edit declination supporting documentation, do not chastise the person when they send it to you expeditiously. You have twenty days to act. Relax, take a breath. If twenty days is not enough time for you to communicate politely with the submitter, consider whether you have enough time to "manage" all the memorials in your care.

There is a sage old adage: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." I think it applies here.

I'd like to add that I don't 'follow' anyone - I never have, and I never will - so "following" is a gross misnomer for what was formerly known as 'friends'. I have 'friends' who I enjoy cooperating with in cyberspace to document gravesites and memorials that we may all freely share.

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