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My objective in creating (and/or managing) a memorial is simple – it is to honor the person's life, no matter how short or long a period of time that individual has lived.
Please send requests for additions, corrections, linking, and transfers through the system FAG provides using the "Edit" tab in the upper right-hand corner of the memorial.
EDITS: As of 2013, when you submit an addition or correction, please include the LINK to the OFFICIAL source, so that I can personally confirm the information (unless the submitted edit information is visible on a posted gravestone photo or is mentioned in the memorial's BIO, showing that I have already researched it). The link must be accessible to anyone. No Exceptions. Any edit must be substantiated before the edit will be made. If there is no way to contact you in order to request your source (such as you have your messages disabled), I will be forced to decline your edit. If, after contacting the member and letting him/her know that sources are required, I don't hear from that member within 48 hours, the edit will be declined. A family tree is NOT official; the source needs to be an official document or published book. The source name will be posted to the memorial. I am unable to accept information from as a substantiating source as the information on the site is not always accurate & cannot be accessed by non-members. If information cannot be substantiated, the edit request will be declined. In order to send substantiating information for your edits, USE THE "SUGGEST ANY OTHER CORRECTION OR ADDITION" LINK ON THE APPLICABLE MEMORIAL.
Please Note: I do not use birth dates or death ages from death records/certificates, as these are frequently wrong in the older records, in my experience.**
NOTE: From F.A.G. ADMIN concerning edits:
"You are allowed, and encouraged, to require official documentation when considering edit requests";.
~~~Any offensive messages will be forwarded immediately to F.A.G. admin.~~~
**I'm sorry, but I don't link to UNKNOWN burials.
F.A.G. transfer policy: Transfer requests should be for direct relatives within four generations. State your exact relationship, please. If you are seeking transfers to have all my family together, use the virtual cemetery option.
I am happy to post information from an obituary that will enhance the memorial in the BIO section of a memorial.
The sources I post on the memorials I manage are accessible to anyone wishing to confirm them, as I use the free website for official document copies, as well as online published books for information.
Please do NOT leave biographical information and obituaries in a virtual flower. This is against policy.
****Please do not post a death certificate, obituary, or anything else in the "photo section" except for person or family photos or photos of the gravestone.****

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