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Gravestone Photos:
Greenfield Hebrew Congregation - entire cemetery photographed and entered as of May 2013. Many thanks to contributor Jeff Kontoff for researching and sending new edit requests for many of these memorials.

Green River Cemetery - It took several years and many volunteers to complete, but the entire cemetery* has been photographed and entered as of Aug 2016. This includes stones in the Old Catholic section. Visit my Green River Cemetery homepage at "http://www.freewheelers.org/green_river" for detailed maps and more...
(Sorry there's no longer a direct link. Looks like the find-a-grave web nazis have removed all links to other domains.)

List of memorials added to Green River Cemetery in the past year. (Another useful feature that find-a-grave makes difficult with cemeteries over 10,000.)

* Exceptions:
People with no stones or illegible stones, unless they are listed in the hand-written interment books, but I only checked entries for those who died before 1946. Unfortunately, since we have found a number of stones for people not listed in the interment books, it makes sense that there are individuals, with no stones, also not listed in the interment books. :(


BTW, I found a way to force find-a-grave to show memorial photos of contributors with over 10,000 photos. Here are a select few. Click on the desired name (below) and you'll see what I mean.

Judy Winn Graves
Cynthia Kaley
Beckie Cross
Earl Munday
Robert Thompson
Sun Shinetoo


Still here? Interesting trivia - the earliest find-a-grave id numbers I can find go from 1, the founder of findagrave, created in the year 2000, up to 1309, but skip a bunch in between. Then some randomly scattered ids, like 50913, 191945, 426307, 2811407, 4131508, 5233839, 14361513, 17941237, 19409629, 25839029, 34473091, 36614496, 36950484, 37143366, 39530540, 40947082, 41132705, 42403030 & 46286595. All created back in 2000 & 2001. The consecutive numbering finally begins at 46478441. The most recent, as of Jan 11, 2019, is 49837226.

BTW, findagrave's id number for non-famous graves is 8, & currently manages over 8 million memorials. You can transfer your memorials to this id number if you are no longer able to maintain them. Famous memorials are managed by id #9.

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