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Gravestone Photos:
Greenfield Hebrew Congregation - entire cemetery photographed and entered as of May 2013. Many thanks to contributor Jeff Kontoff for researching and sending new edit requests for many of these memorials.

Green River Cemetery - It took several years and many volunteers to complete, but the entire cemetery* has been photographed and entered as of Aug 2016. This includes stones in the Old Catholic section. Visit my Green River Cemetery homepage at "http://www.freewheelers.org/green_river" for detailed maps and more...
(Sorry there's no longer a direct link. Looks like the find-a-grave web nazis have removed all links to other domains.)

List of memorials added to Green River Cemetery in the past year. (Another useful feature that find-a-grave makes difficult with cemeteries over 10,000.)

* Exceptions:
People with no stones or illegible stones, unless they are listed in the hand-written interment books, but I only checked entries for those who died before 1946. Unfortunately, since we have found a number of stones for people not listed in the interment books, it makes sense that there are individuals, with no stones, also not listed in the interment books. :(


BTW, I found a way to force find-a-grave to show memorial photos of contributors with over 10,000 photos. Here are a select few. Click on the desired name (below) and you'll see what I mean.

Judy Winn Graves
Cynthia Kaley
Beckie Cross
Earl Munday
Robert Thompson
Sun Shinetoo


Tens of thousands of memorials have been added to find-a-grave with "burial unknown" as the cemetery location. While this may come in handy as a way of linking generations together, that contributor didn't actually find the grave. When another contributor goes to a cemetery and finds the grave, it may be unreasonable to expect them to find your "burial unknown" memorial before adding the new one. I usually only check to see that it's not already in my specific cemetery.

In the case of accidental duplicates like this, the memorial of the person who took the extra effort to find the grave should be the memorial that stays. The older Burial Unknown should be deleted or merged and not simply moved to the correct cemetery to masquerade as the first correct memorial. Merge requests submitted to find-a-grave will always choose the memorial attributed to a cemetery over a "burial unknown" memorial, regardless of which is older.


Still here? Interesting trivia - the earliest find-a-grave id numbers I can find go from 1, the founder of findagrave, created in the year 2000, up to 1309, but skip a bunch in between. Then some randomly scattered ids, like 50913, 191945, 426307, 2811407, 4131508, 5233839, 14361513, 17941237, 19409629, 25839029, 34473091, 36614496, 36950484, 37143366, 39530540, 40947082, 41132705, 42403030 & 46286595. All created back in 2000 & 2001. The consecutive numbering finally begins at 46478441. The most recent, as of Jan 11, 2019, is 49837226.

BTW, findagrave's id number for non-famous graves is 8, & currently manages over 8 million memorials. You can transfer your memorials to this id number if you are no longer able to maintain them. Famous memorials are managed by id #9.

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