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Find A Grave encourages asking for sources for edits so the info can be verified. Be prepared to support your edit. You can send an actual LINK to the info through a message , or the info can be uploaded at the memorial via a grave pic, obit, uploaded documents, etc or other info. Use the edit tab and then the "other corrections" option to send a message. After verification, you can remove the info if you wish or you can leave it on the memorial.

Some important things to know:

Contributors are NOT notified when a grave photo is uploaded, that only happens when it is a photo request only. Therefore memorials not updated with dates and links are not due to the neglect of the contributor who manages the memorial.

Also, the ability to link to spouses and parents was not even a feature of Find A Grave until around 2012ish or so. First spousal links were added as a feature and then parental links followed a short time after. So if any memorials from then don't have links made, it's not becasue the contributor didn't do it, they could NOT do it, at that time.

There are a lot of people who upload photos of graves but do not notify the contributor of any changes either becasue they think we get notified automatically or they just don't know to do it.

Also we do NOT get notified when Find A Grave adds info from suggestions they receive, like obits. So we don't see any dates of birth or location info they may have in them.

Please do not blame the contributors for missing info. They volunteer and should not be verbally attacked for things beyond their control or for ANY reason. Any such contact will be sent over to find a grave admins.

Find A Grave is a Grave Registration site. Contributors are volunteers, they do not work for the site.


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