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♦My interest in cemeteries started at a very young age. I loved the different styles and history that was provided in cemeteries. When I went to college in Savannah, Georgia, I became more enchanted with cemeteries. I am now working on my family genealogy on the names: Franks, Stricklin, Nipper, Brogdon, Starritt, Koester, and Buerger. I would love to help anyone that needs photos in my local area which is Marion, Fayette, Lamar, Walker, and Winston counties of Alabama.♦

♥ I have been blessed and lucky to have had three of my maternal Great-Grandparents in my life. ღRaymond Nipperღ, or B-Dad as I called him, was such a caring and loving man. He lived an interesting life and always told me stories that I loved and still remember. ღAlmer Stricklin Nipperღ, or as I called her, Old Granny, was such an amazing woman. She was the best cook and raised the best squash and sweet corn in her garden.~

Robert Paul Starrittღ, or as his grandkids called him, Grand-Bob, was always a trickster. He was born on Halloween and I was born on Novemeber 3rd. It was always special to have my birthday so close to his. I remember when we would go to visit him, he would always call me Sissy, after his nickname for his daughter. ღNorma Brogdon Starrittღ, who was known as Mee-Maw, was Robert's first wife and my great-grandmother. She died when I was six months old and even though I didn't know her, she has always been close to me through our family stories. She loved the color orange and most of her furniture was halloween orange, even her curtains and shutters! She was a vibrant woman and is special to all of us. Robert's second wife, ღMinnie Pearl Agnew Dopson-Starrittღ, was a very special and unique woman. I remember that I thought Minnie Pearl would say "How-w-w-DEE-E-E-E!" like Minnie Pearl that was on Hee-Haw and the Grand Ole Opry. The first time I talked to her on the phone she did say "How-w-w-DEE-E-E-E!" to me. Minnie Pearl was such a loving woman.~

~My knowledge of my paternal Great-Grandparents comes from family stories and remembrances. ღFredrich Christoff Henrich "Henry" Koester ღ, was one of my paternal Great-Grandfather's. My father remembers that he would take him and his siblings to school often. He also took my father and uncle fishing. His family mostly spoke German. His son, Herbert, my Grandfather, is still able to speak German fluently. His wife, ღAnna Hausler Koesterღ, was my Great-Grandmother. Anna was a loving and devoted mother and grandmother.~

Robert F. Buergerღ, was my other paternal Great-Grandfather. He loved his garden and tending to it. He would use a shovel instead of a tiller to till the soil. He was a jolly person and loved his family. ღLily Josephine Lutonsky Buergerღ was Robert's wife and my Great-Grandmother. My father told me that she was a great cook. When he was growing up, she would always have brownies made for him because she knew he loved chocolate. She would also have cookies that my uncle and aunts loved.~

~I have been blessed to have four of my Great-Uncles and two of my Great-Aunts in my life. ღRobert Lee Starrittღ was a special man. He, like his father, loved to be a trickster and pester all of us. We knew that was one of his ways to show us he loved us. He gave the hardest bear hugs I have ever had. Robert Lee was a ordained Baptist Minister. ღArnold Julius Koesterღ was a joyful and a very loving man. He made me a wooden keepsake box that I cherish. His wife, ღBertha Emma Zacharias Koesterღ, was a sweet woman and had a joy about her that made you want to be around her. I loved visiting their home in Texas. They always had dogs and I remember their Pekingese and their Chow. She made me a beautiful crocheted doll that I cherish and love. Uncle Arnold's brother, ღEdwin William "Ed" Koester ღ married Bertha's sister, ღAlice Ottilie Zacharias Koesterღ. Ed and Alice were very delightful and a loving Uncle and Aunt. Uncle Ed and Aunt Alice were more reserved, but we knew they loved us. ღWilbert Robert Buergerღ, was such a loving man. Uncle Wilbert died when I was four, but I remember special hugs from him. When he died, he left his '68 Chevelle for my brother when he got older. Wilbert is loved and missed by us all.~

~I have two Uncles that died young. ღHenry Wayne Nipperღ is my Mother's brother. ღGlen Ray Koesterღ is my Father's brother. Even though they were only here with us for a short time, they are missed and loved. We know one day when we are in heaven we will finally be re-united with all of our family. ♥

♦If you have a moment, please visit my family's memorials. My family means the world to me. Many thanks are to all of you for your kindness.♦

♦If you have any corrections on memorials that I have done, don't hesitate to contact me with your information. Either use the Suggest a Correction on the Edit tab of the memorial, or leave me a message here or an e-mail. I will be happy to transfer memorials to direct family. Please send me how you are related to the person in question and I will be happy to transfer them to you.♦

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