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*My father's maternal line lived in Lewis County and a few surrounding counties of Kentucky as well as Scioto County, Ohio. My father and my grandmother (his mother) died when I was a teenager. The only piece of history I knew came from the photo albums they left behind. For the past few years, I have dedicated most of my research to this side of my family, exploring and photographing cemeteries in that region and researching in the local history centers. Since then, I have found connections to many of the names in Lewis County and because of that connection, I have contributed much of this research to Findagrave by adding the headstone photos, researching names and families, sending edits to connect those families and watching the obituaries for the Lewis County area in order to add new memorials to Findagrave so that I can continue the research for me and others and keep families together. I do not create memorials for the number count like some contributors do. Unlike some contributors who have no connection to the individuals or the memorials they create in Findagrave, I feel a kindred connection to each and every one specifically from the Lewis County area. Once I create memorials, I also add the information to my Family Tree Maker to keep my family genealogy growing.

I helped scan hundreds of old photographs that were donated to the Lewis County Historical Society and enjoyed my time visiting with Janie and all volunteers that help out at the center. I am more than willing to help people with their research when it comes to Lewis County, Kentucky, so don't hesitate to ask. Ya never know...we might just be cousins.


*Please be advised, I do not respond to bossy or rude messages. This site works more efficiently when people are kind to each other.

*Note: I will no longer be accepting edits to connect memorials that have unknown burial locations.

*Note: Edits sent to add two married names in the last name box will not be accepted. If a headstone is available, I keep the last name to match the headstone inscription even if the individual remarried. I generally include the obituary to show the living spouse and in the event that other husbands are deceased, I try to connect them.

*Note: For military veterans-I do not add the rank of an individual on a memorial unless the veteran was a prisoner of war, died while on duty or killed in action.

*Note: if you would like to add a biography to a memorial, please send the information in paragraph form with complete sentences. I refrain from posting information that comes in a list from records on genealogy sites.


I have been a genealogist for nearly 40 years, researching my family from all over the United States, Canada and Europe. The majority of the work that I contribute on Findagrave is done for building my own family tree. When I post edits to memorials, the information is based off of thorough research that I have done on the individual, not information provided on family trees that haven't been adequately proven. I generally add death records to back up the dates on the memorial and to provide information for other family members who don't know the medical history in their family. This practice is not considered to be copyright infringement because they are considered a matter of public record. Many death records are available on Ancestry.com and according to Findagrave, a site managed by Ancestry.com, it is acceptable to post the death records on their site. If a family member does not want a death certificate left on a memorial they manage, please contact me and I will gladly remove it.


Not only are they a great source for birth & death information, they also provide interesting details of the individual's life. If you have an obituary that you would like to add to any of the memorials that I manage, go for it. I will also add them if you type them up and send through the suggestion tab. The same applies to a biography that you wish to contribute. The more information that is added, the better. The only thing I do ask is to refrain from sending census information that when uploaded looks like a list. It would be better to compose these details into a short bio.

Each and every one of our ancestors has a story to tell and as researchers, family members and contributors, it is up to us to make sure that their story is told. Everyone needs to keep in mind that this site is a public forum and although contributors may be related to the individuals that they manage, they should be understanding to others who may also be related. I have run into contributors who refuse to accept edits and biographies whether they are related or not. Some even complain in their bio about the number of edits they receive or they place limits on the amount of edits that an individual can send. A few that I have run into manage thousands of memorials, are quick to deny edits, leave rude messages and often have their messages turned off on their profile. These practices are disrespectful to those who are dedicated to enhancing the memorials of family members who have passed away. I admire those individuals who take the time to research and send edits, even when their information may conflict with mine. We are all human and we all make mistakes from time to time. Genealogy is not a perfect practice either because the records don't always have the same information. We can all learn from each other instead of being judgmental, rude and selfish; afterall, Findagrave is not the place for a power struggle. It's a place to honor our loved ones.


I tend to add my headstone photographs to memorials if the photographs that are already in place are less than 1 mb in quality. I mean no disrespect to other photographers who work hard to add these photos, most of which are beautifully taken but in low kb. I do recommend that contributors who take headstone photos turn their camera settings to high quality. This helps with identification of inscriptions and specifically hard to read detail on the headstones.
Many of the memorials I manage have been created to place these headstone photos and I try to link dual headstones in order to keep the married couple together for a complete transfer. If you are not satisfied with a photo that I have contributed, please let me know. If you are a family member of one of the memorials I am managing and you would like a transfer, please contact me through the suggestion/edit tab for the memorial you wish to manage. I am currently abiding by the four generation policy for transfers.


Feel free to use my headstone photos for your personal genealogical project (permission to copy/share & crediting isn't necessary). I enjoy taking them for all to see and share and hope others who volunteer their time for Findagrave feel the same. With regard to personal family photos that I have downloaded, out of respect for my family and the research that I have accumulated through the years, please credit me (jfink). Thank you!!


As a veteran of the United States Air Force, I honor the brothers & sisters who served before me by sending edits to the transcription section for VA grave markers so that their military service can easily be seen on their memorial page even when a biography mentions their service already. I generally do not add the rank of an individual on a memorial unless the veteran was a prisoner of war, died while on duty or killed in action.


Fink, Krohn, Kloke in Nebraska & Iowa

Walsh (Chicago, Il; Charles City, Ia; Mason City, Ia; Dougherty, Ia; Florissant,Mo; Hinchinbrooke & Ormstown, Quebec, Canada, Downpatrick, Co. Down, Ireland). Connecting families: Boudreau (de Graveline), McMenimen, Kitto, McLaughlin, Campbell, Ward, Hogan, Cahill, Coyle, Wade, Zweck, Mullin/Mullen, Dougherty, Higgins, Boyle, Kelly/Kelley, McGee, Gallagher, Ormsby, Murphy, Barr, Reed, Conners, McKee, McEldoon, Ryan, Paulus, O'Connor, Kelsh, McManus, Bamrick, Staudt, Kaplan, Dolan, Merfeld, Riggins, Cahalan, Callahan, Weber, Logan, Smith, Colby, Cunningham, Noss

Nutting (Lodi & West Point, Wisconsin; Mason City, Ia; Groton, Ma; Suffolk Co. England; Wheatfield, Niagara Co. Ny; Williston, Vt). Connecting families: Cummings, McCarthy, McKee, Nott, O'Brien

Arthur (Bedford Co. Va, Greenup Co. Ky, Boyd Co. Ky, Lewis Co. Ky, Jackson & Portsmouth, Oh)

Rouse (New Jersey, Greenup Co., Boyd Co. Ky, Lewis Co. Ky, Jackson, Oh)

Osbourne, Keairns, Gilliland (Jackson Co., Oh)

Payne/Paine, Sammons/Simmons/Simons, Riggs, Toller, Hackworth, Clark,Jewett, Haywood, Burriss, Sparks, Kilbreth, Prather, Prater, Thacker, May, West, McIntire, Shy, Loth, Maurer, Doyle, Craft, Pollitt, Lenahan, Detillion, Howell, Thurman/Turman, Evans, Munyan, Bryant, Keller, Gill, Densmore,Gee, Russell, Berry, Pitts, Reed, Moore, Million, Bentley, Ripato, Adkins, Atkins, Wiley, Sellards, Eastham, Major,Leadmon, Potts & many more in Lewis Co., Kentucky and surrounding counties in Kentucky, Ohio & West Virginia.

Schneider, Hemmert, Messmer, Gribling, Grassig (Auglaize Co., Oh, Wapakoneta & St Marys Oh)

Please contact me if you have an interest to find the same family lines or have corrections to share.

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