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Wife. Mother to three. Homesteader. Vegetable and Flower Grower. Harvester and Preservationist. Chicken Mama. Harley-Davidson Rider. Side x Side Rider. Gym Rat. Pre-cycler. Recycler. Conservationist. Kayaker. Small Business Owner. Founder and Volunteer. Herbalist. Most of all, Nature Lover. This site, is one of my many outdoor hobbies. Time is best spent, with the living.
Always remember, some people will never clap for you. Win anyway!

I work on cemeteries native to our family and geography. I photograph entire cemeteries in hopes of finding our missing links, regardless of if they have a photo already or not. This notes where I have been and finds the missing puzzle pieces that have been left unsolved by the memorial creator. No time absorbing the new, is wasted time. That's a small-minded consensus. I am happy to help anyone here. Just shoot me a message. If you see my tag on a cemetery or memorial, I am relative to the area. I add factual information to memorials and the image gallery. How do you know this is indeed your"John Smith", who died 100 years ago, without it? Although Ancestry is available, it's not affordable to all. I care about helping those communities of people by sharing information they would not be able to access. I have also received a large number of local & non-local memorials from ill members who entrusted me with their care. Everyone here has been great to work with...mostly. Remember, WE not ME. Blessed be the admins!

If you are a newer or not a regular contributor that I have contact with, please provide proof for your edit requests. Facts, such as birth, marriage, census or death records sent via suggest an additional edit. I don't mind uploads of those in the image section. I will always perform a search, myself. If nothing is located, I'm sorry, your edit will be declined.
Facts that I upload, are from the original index and they are transcribed as such. Typos and all or phonetically, from the original person. Adding facts will prevent future, potentially incorrect edit requests. I receive too many incorrect suggestions to blanket accept edits. I won't request proof once I am confident in your work! I will return the same favor. Accuracy is prudent. Your time is as valuable as mine.

Did you know?
-Death certificate information is only as accurate, as the person who provided it.
-If you've not taken a course on stone rubbing or preservation, leave it to someone who has. You could degrade an old marker quicker , otherwise!

My lines are: Davis, Goodwin, Huntley, Grooms ( I have a multitude of Grooms lineage via two different great-grandchildren of Abraham), Rothwell, Wood, Baudendistel, Day/e, Satterfield (ditto), Shivener, Wills, Osborne, Uhl, Stotler, Baldwin, Crawford, McClung, Easter, Copas, Smalley, Sprinkle, Miller, Wolfe, Hert, Dixon, Edwards, Jacobs, McClurg, Paul, Johnson, Emmons, Boatman, Sutterer, Schafer, Applegate, Campbell, Worthington, Wall, Yeckley, Bickmore, Rader, Bennington, Foster Shanks, Marvin, Monroe, Matheny, Liming, Knott, Dix, Lambert, Worstell, Purkhiser,Downing, Everett, Wolf, Knell, Weber, Ellison Simmons, Hunsaker, Zumwalt and McClanahan.

My husband's lines are Vogler, Rothwell, Young, Bentley, Puckett, Jones, Abbott, Morrison, Graham, Meade, Reynolds, Grooms, Knauff, Cornwell, Easter, Copas, Behm, Holt, Hackney, Longacre, Amos, Wyatt, Satterfield, McCarty, Finney, Gardner, McClaren, Riley, Gipson/Gibson (Cherokee Indians in Magoffin Co., Ky) Collins, Armstrong, McDaniel, Thatcher, Shoemaker, Ewing, Pollard, Scroggs, Taylor and Webb.

Our roots are deeply seeded in Adams, Brown, Clermont Pike and Hamilton Counties, in Ohio. Prior to there, our family's were in Lewis, Mason, Magoffin, Breathitt and Wolfe County, Kentucky. Russell, Fairfax and Loudoun County, Virginia, Monongalia and Berkeley County, W. Virginia(then Virginia). Northampton and Fayette County, PA and Hancock County, TN. And, somewhere in Vermont that I have yet to pin down. I welcome information or tips for expanding my lines and finding new family.

"Who Knows only his own Generation remains always a child." - Cicero

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