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Our precious boy, Diamond, left this earth on January 31, 2014. Miss him so much already and can't stop crying. The price of loving a furry baby.

Alison Gertz


Amy Joy

Please flower this very special sister.

Kamika Shoriette Nichelson

This sweet baby needs flowers and tokens, please.

Melanie Catherine Stearman

This sweet baby boy needs some flowers.

Andrew Cody McDevitt

Please flower this wonderful husband and animal lover.

Craig Paul "CraigCat" Bachman, Sr.

Please visit furbabies on my page and in my virtual cemeteries. Many of them were abandoned and abused. Those especially close to my heart are those under 'euthanized for no good reason'. They were put down simply because they did not have or find homes.

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Orange Tabby


Bella Mia

To visit other abused and abandoned animal memorials, please go to Rosie's page and virtual cemeteries.


Please also visit the sponsered memorials of my friend Sherri. She sponsers so many it is hard to visit all of them. Especially the abused and neglected furbabies.


My friend AngelWings has tons of neglected and abused furbabies that need visits and tokens. Please remember them when you have the time.


I am currently doing a family history. I am stuck on my paternal great-grandfather and am having no luck on I need to find out who his parents were. Especially his father. My ggfather's name is Ezra Samuel Burr. He was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1878 and died in Baltimore City, Maryland in 1959. If anyone has any information, please contact me.

Please accept my grateful thanks for leaving tokens or flowers for any of my memorials. I deeply appreciate it. If you have time please flower the memorials of my friends in my friends section.

Love does not end at death. It is eternal.

I love you Simmy, Min and Diamond!

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