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June 26, 2022

About Me: Genealogist and researcher. I AM RELATED to my memorials. *Cancer survivor. Plantagenet, Tudor and Stewart descendant. Mayflower descendant. Falsely accused and convicted Salem witch(es) descendant, falsely accused and convicted Scottish witch(es) descendant. Ukrainian/German father; English, Scottish, and French mother. I have recently lost a few family members in Ukraine, who are forever in my hearts. I volunteer my time gathering items to donate and ship to Ukraine. Every donation, no matter how big or how small, all is worthwhile.

**Please do NOT post photos on my memorials that have not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt to actually be that person. It completely is disrespectful for whom the memorial is for.

***Edit suggestions will not be accepted without sending the supporting source documentation (the web address to a document, website or book). If using Family Search, please FIRST research the birth/death record to validate birth/death and locations to confirm that they match what is included on the 'Vitals' page. Often the vitals page is *inaccurate* against what the actual records are. Too many contributors email edit suggestions based on the Family Search 'Vitals' without *first* validating that the information is correct, and then submit edit suggestions on Find a Grave that are incorrect. This is a waste of your time and mine.

*Thank you to Contributor Dare2Dream (Topar) for all of the flowers you post on my memorials.

*Thank you to Contributor River Tyne Lass for your beautiful photographs. You are beautifully preserving legacies!

* My Memorials that I have created are documented through legal records, Parish Burial Register's and/or family Bibles, Government and/or Legal documentation.

**Family Memorials.

**Firm believer in the Holy Trinity.

It has been an ongoing invaluable experience to work with such wonderful upstanding people. I have had the distinct pleasure to collaborate with some truly wonderful fellow Contributors and to offer burial records I have come across to give to others for them to add Memorials for whom they are related to . Through integrity, honesty and mutual respect, all beautiful things are possible.

*Behind every Contributor #, there is a human being. Human beings who care about the deceased, who give the deceased the honor and respect they deserve and to Memorialize them. Doing deceptive things to other Contributor's and to the Memorial's they have created
or maintain is not only disrespectful to the Contributor who manages the Memorial, but most of all, is disrespectful to the deceased person for whom the Memorial is for. Through partnership together, the deceased will be forever memorialized on this beautiful Find a Grave website. I want to thank the Find a Grave Contributors who have been beautifully gracious with their Memorials. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

*Always believe in miracles, both the seen and the unseen.

***Please be respectful that one surname can have many different variations and spellings, throughout one or multiple family lines.

***Edit suggestions will only be accepted with accompanying documentation of your source/sources.

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