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I have had the distinct pleasure to collaborate with some truly wonderful fellow Contributors and to offer burial records I have come across to give to others for them to add Memorials for whom they are related to . Through integrity, honesty and mutual respect, all beautiful things are possible. With having cancer, it has been an ongoing invaluable experience to work with such wonderful upstanding people.

Behind every Contributor #, there is a human being. Human beings who care about the deceased, who give the deceased the honor and respect they deserve and to Memorialize them. Doing deceptive things to other Contributor's and to the Memorial's they have created
or maintain is not only disrespectful to the Contributor who manages the Memorial, but most of all, is disrespectful to the deceased person for whom the Memorial is for. Through partnership together, the deceased will be forever memorialized on this beautiful Find a Grave website.

Family Memorials.

Death Certificates do not contain much merit for accurate information, with the exception of cause of death. Names, Surnames, Middle Names, Dates, Place of Birth, Names of Parents and Spouse etc., are completely unreliable especially when it is in direct contrast to factual information. It is the same as with old newspaper clippings and obituaries.

There is a difference between a photograph, a pencil etching and a painting. Pencil etchings of an individual can look exactly like a photograph. Memorials can often have one or the other, or all three. Sometimes it may be difficult for the untrained eye to distinguish the difference between a photograph and a pencil etching, especially if the etching was executed by a highly skilled artist. If photography had not yet been introduced during a person's lifetime, a painting or a pencil etching would then comprise the profile image.

CHILD OF GOD. Firm believer and follower in Christ our Savior and the Holy Trinity.

Always believe in miracles, both the seen and the unseen.

May our beautiful Lord and Savior shine down upon you and I always with love, and to help change us into a better person; we were born in His image, Remember that, always. God is the light of love, peace and eternal life. HE watches EVERYTHING you and I do. All we have to do is believe, do good and not evil, and love and respect each other. Amen.

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