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Research began in 1985 and has led to delving into many mysteries. Most are solved but cryptic lineages remain and the quest will never end. Often overlooked sources: chancery, chattel, city directories, coroner's inquests, draft cards, estray, hospital admissions, Indiana State Archives, police employee files, prison files, quit rent rolls, tax lists. I highly recommend, DNAeXplained, DNA Painter, Eupedia and GEDmatch.

I have an avid interest in archaeology, archaeogenetics, family history, genetic genealogy, phylogeny and segmentology. I'm always looking for information on new breakthroughs. I find funerary art intriguing as well.

There are still a number of unknown, unmarked and unregistered pioneer cemeteries and family plots that have not been thoroughly researched. One such place is in a field near the corner of Richards Rd. and Carmel Ridge Rd. in Jackson Twp., Brown Co., IN. According to a neighbor who is now in his 80's, when his father was young in the early 1900's, no one around knew who was buried in this cemetery. Another family plot is off of Haggard Rd. also in Jackson Twp. The original land owners, the Canatsey and Fesler family members, are buried at East Hill Cemetery. Perhaps, some tenants are buried here. Both cemeteries are likely from the 1820 to 1860 time frame. It is probably time for someone to research, identify and register them.

PHOTO PROJECT: Searching for photos of my great-grandfather Milton Shackelford (1875-1931) and his children: Lucian, Charles, Rose and Russell. Also, looking for photos of George and Ruth (Coon) Tutterow and their children: Samuel Tutrow d. 1927 and Elizabeth Baker d. 1938.


My ancestral families from the Indiana Territory phase, 1800-1816: Barnett, Fleener/Fleenor, Griesemer/Grisamore/Crismore, LaFabre/LaFavre/Lafaver/LeFebre, Puttorff originally Batdorf, Whisenand originally Visinand. These families were mainly from France, the Rhineland in Germany and various cantons in Switzerland.

New in 2020 are MyHeritage results: 52.9% Scandinavian, 21.5% Irish, Scottish & Welsh, 14.1% Iberian, 11.5% Italian, 0.0% English. The Scandinavian amount likely reflects deep ancestry. Apparently, both Iberian and Italian are found in significant amounts in French ancestry.

MDLP World: South and West European 47.85%, North and East European 37.05%, Caucus Parsia 8.58%, Middle East 4.89%, Indian 0.93%, Mesoamerican 0.46%, North Asian 0.25%.

DNA Land results: Northwest European 68%, South/Central European 17%, North Slavic 8.4%, Sardinian 5.7%, Southwestern European 1.1%.

FTDNA My Origins Version 2 results: Western & Central Europe 67%, British Isles 22%, East Europe 7%, SE Europe 3%, Undetermined Region 1% (See below).

Origins per FTDNA choropleth map & genealogy: UNITED KINGDOM - ENGLAND Devonshire, Hampshire, Liverpool, London - East End, Manchester, Norwich, Warwick, NORTHERN IRELAND, SCOTLAND Berwickshire, Caithness, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Moray, Roxburgshire, Shetland, Strathnaver; GERMANY Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Black Forest, Bönnigheim, Cologne (Köln), Düsseldorf, Esslingen am Neckar, Harz Mountains, Heidelberg, Krefeld, Munich, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Stuttgart, Zaberfeld; SWITZERLAND; FRANCE Alsace-Lorraine, Arles, Burgundy, Champagne-Ardenne, Franche-Comté, La Rochelle, Nice, Provence, Rhône-Alpes, Rouen, Sédan; MONACO; NETHERLANDS; IRELAND; ITALY - esp. Piedmont & Sardinia; Scandinavia.

My ancestors run the gamut and include Black Dutch, Celtic and Irish Travellers, Druids, Languedoc Huguenots, Masons, Melungeons, Piedmont Waldensians, Primitive/Hard Shell Baptists, Puritans, Swiss Mennonites, Dunkard Brethern, United Brethern, Walloons. Remote Huguenot progenitors may include: Cathars, Valdens/Waldensians, Bogomils, Armenian Paulicians, Manichaeans, Dualists, Zoroastrians. Ancient ancestors may include Phrygians and other Anatolians, the Sea Peoples, Tushetians.

GEDmatch Jtest: 15.52% West Mediterranean, 4.39% East Mediterranean, 3.12% Ashkenazi, 2.28% West Asian, 0.51% M Eastern; 25.82% total from Mediterranean and Near East regions. My puntDNAL K12 Ancient Admixture test results show 38.06% Anatolian Neolithic Farmer.

Intriguing HarappaWorld test results: NE-Euro 46.59%, Mediterranean 34.21%, Caucasian 8.73%, Baloch 7.86%, SW-Asian 1.93%, (Native) American 0.34%, W African 0.13%, E African 0.11%. French is shown as the closest Single Population Sharing source. The Harappa Civilization existed ≈ 4K YBP. I surmise that the Mediterranean amount is higher than average. I think this test provides more insightful detail than the FTDNA test which only shows the broad Euro regional categories. My K36 test shows 16.96% Italian and 2.59% W Med. Other likely Mediterranean ancestors include the Carthaginians, Luwians, Lydians, Natufians, Phoenicians and possibly the Sea Peoples. My Ancient Eurasia K6 test shows a 37.92% Natufian result.

The FTDNA result of 1% Undetermined Region partly represents Native American ancestry of about 0.45%. My GEDmatch Eurogenes K13 Admixture Proportions test shows: Amerindian 0.81%, Siberian 0.57% while other tests show 0% to trace amounts. Family tradition corroborates these results. Possible tribes: Arawak ♦ Bohuron ♦ Catawba ♦ Cherokee ✓ ♦ Chowanoke ♦ Croatoan ♦ Enoe/Weyanoke ♦ Hatteras ♦ Karitiana - Amazon ♦ Lumbee ♦ Machapunga ♦ Mattamuskeet ♦ Mattaponi ♦ Monacan ♦ Pamunkey ♦ Poteskeet ♦ Powhatan ✓ ♦ Saponi ♦ Shawnee ✓ ♦ Taino ♦ Tuscarora ♦ Whapoppin ♦ Yuchi. The allure of Lost Colony ancestry remains.

FTDNA Ancient Euro Origins results: Farmer 46%, Hunter-Gatherer 44%, Metal Age Invader 10%. The Invader category is associated with the Yamnaya culture and Y-haplogroup R1b. Since my results show R1b then I am quite possibly a descendant of the Yamnaya.

Diving deeper into the resources available at GEDmatch, my results reveal a bit of Neanderthal ancestry. A comparison of my kit and kit F999902 (Altai N., Siberia 50 KYA) shows that I share 0.21% of the relevant autosomal SNPs. Comparison with a kit for a Paleo Eskimo sample from Greenland, 4k ybp, shows that I share ≈ 2.34% in the centiMorgan count.

Not every ancestor in one's genealogic family tree is also in one's genetic family tree. So, you don't inherit genes from every ancestor. An excellent article on this subject: See: According to research by Genetic Interference, at 10 generations back, only 120 of your 1024 genealogical ancestors are genetic ancestors. Recommended reading: Forensic Genealogy by Colleen Fitzpatrick, PhD.

My 67 marker Y-DNA results reveal that my Merriman family belongs to: Haplogroup R1b, R-M269, R-U152, R-L2, likely of Franco-Italic or Iberian origin. A French Huguenot name, Ballou, may closely connect. A few Iberian names pop up as potential distant matches as well - Da Soler & Soller of Treviso, Italy & Spain, Pinto and Taragan/Tarragona. Tarragona is a port city in northeast Spain near Barcelona. There are also connections to names in the Azores.

A careful comparison of my results to those of most other Merrimans & Merrymans shows they do not connect through genetic testing. It is unknown when my family came to England; likely sometime from the Norman era to the 1500's. The previous surname is unknown.

My London Merriman ancestors resided in the older wards of the city and the East End: Aldgate, Aldersgate, Coleman St. and Cripplegate wards, Cheapside, Clerkenwell, Stepney, the Tower Hamlets, Whitechapel. In the 1630's James and John Merryman set sail from Gravesend, a port city just east of London. They first settled along the James River in James City Co., Charles City Co., York Co., Virginia Colony.



MERRYMAN/MERRIMAN - Almond Bayliss Branch Brice/Bryce of Scotland and London Cocke Harris - I-M253 James Jefferson Jordan Larcome Littlebury Patras Place/Plaisse of France and London - R1a M198 Z2123 Pleasants - J-M172 Z1043 Sherwood Stewart Tristram

SOBLET/SUBLETT - French Huguenots - Brian(t) D'Orleans Gerard/Giraud Lespine Lombard Poupart De Neuflize Renaudin Vallet

SUBLETT line autosomal DNA matches: Beaudoin Chastain/Chasteen David Gabriel Goldman Michaux de Maillezais, J-M172/J-M67 Rochet

HEUDEBOURG/HUDIBURG - I1-Z140 French Huguenots - De La Croix Ferre Lendre Carter/McCarty Reno/Reynaud-R1b L23 R-BY35061

HUDIBURG line autosomal DNA matches: Correia (Azores) Ramirez

FRANKLIN of VA, KY, AL, IN - Hamilton of Scotland, NC, KY and Morgan Co., IN Henry LAIR/LEAR Rus Tanner

TUTTEROW/TUTROW/DUTROW/DUTRO/DOTTERER/TEDROW - R1b DF99 (U152) from Baden-Württemberg - Baker Carleton Hendst Marke Schelgeln/Schein/Schien WHITAKER

TUTTEROW distant y-DNA matches and surnames in same subclade: Bushin (Kursk, Russia) Daniel (France) Hauser (Zurich) Marinelli (South Tyrol-Trentino, Italy) Mericle/Markel/Markle (Germany) Rosenkrans (Bergen, Norway) Salmon Winn Ziegler

COON/COEN/COONEN/COENEN/KUONEN– R1b from Limberg, Netherlands - possible Huguenot or Swiss origins; possibly connected to R1b COHN/COHEN families. COON is quite possibly a derivation of COHEN; more research is needed. - Buoss Burri Hartsvelder/Hatfield Hirzing Kiesel Klinken/Klinchen Kunders/Cunread/Coonrod Ruchti Salzman(n) Schwartz SNIDER/SCHNEIDER/SNYDER Stauffer Streypers VonGunten Zimmerman

COON line autosomal DNA matches: Asher Binnegar Boyarsky Chirovsky/Haruvi Kazimirus Kopyto Kunkel/Kunkle(r)/Kinkel Weerts

FLEINER/FLEENER/FLENER/FLEENOR - R-U106, R-U198 from Baden-Württemberg - Barnhart/Barnett Bauer Batdorf/Bottorff/Potteroff/Puttorff Bolling Cohen/Cowan Cuvelier Davidson Decker(n) Eitel/Idol Frankel Greisemer/Grisamore/Crismore Hensley Hoppe(s) Hautz Hoffman Johnson Kennon Knox Köhler McClung MCCOY/MACKAY/MCKAY Minnick/Muench Reichardt/Richards Richardson ROBERTSON Ruoff Schweitzer/Swisher Scott Stanley Van Duyn Vigne Volckertzen/Fulkerson Zeller Zimmerman Zugk

CAMPBELL – Argyll, Scotland – Anderson Conner Corbin - I-M253 Cornstalk/Shawnee Edgar McCammack McDonald Reed Riddle/Riddell Rigg Scott (Possible Dutch or German family in this line)

NEAL(E) - Bolling CHITWOOD Corley Cowan Deweese Emmett/Emot Evans Ewen Morgan Muse Percy Powhatan Poythress Questenberg/Quisenberry/Christenberry/Cushenberry Randolph Richardson Rittenhouse Rolfe Scott Slinker Stephens/Staffen Suchtelin Thomas Trowbridge Wisdom Wright Yekovich

YOUNG – Scotland, Boucquet Bunch – Melungeon Cowan Dorland Jacobs/Hartje McClung Mellin Neff Ramos/Ramus Reyniers Sumi Susong Suydam Van Cycle/Van Sickle(n) – Dutch w/N. American Van Der Beek Van Gelre Van Haarlem Van Sallee w/Moroccan Visinand/Whisenand Willson – Melungeon Wright

Paternal DNA matches: Bachmann Barentse Brännkärr Brock CASTEEL/CASTEL/CASTILLERO/COSTELLO Coker Cooper Cossart/Cozard COX (VA) Doyle Dutton Elks Farrow Goens/Goins Goldberg(er) Goldburg/Goldenburg(h) Hofmann/Hoffman Holder Jakubek Judd Kauffman Lincoln Looney McDaniel/McDonald/MacDonnell (WV) McPherson Parrott/Perot Pavlov Painter/Paynter/Pointer/Poynter J-M172 Robinson Scally Thompson Triplett Waldo Webb



7th Great-Grandmother: Mary Elizabeth Anderson, b. 1719, Somerset Co., MD; mtDNA unknown.

BONRODT/POENRADT/PENROD/PENROSE - Pennsylvania Dutch, Y-DNA: R1b DF27 Z198 A478 from Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, possible French or Iberian origin; distant y-DNA connections from Palatine region of Germany: Gerlach, Seeber, Wallrath. Z198 A478 connections: Trail of Aberdeenshire, Scotland and Andrews.

PENROD line - Barron Brant Delbert Dieter Flam Klein Neff RITTER/REITER from Hesse and Baden-Württemberg Shonts/Tchantz from Switzerland Vossen Zaugg/Zook

PENROD line autosomal DNA matches: Bachman Berkey/Berki/Burgi Bumbacco/Bumbico Diamond/Dimon Facesh Ferre Layman/Lehman Miller/Mueller/Muller Mischler/Mishler Morales Moyes Rosen/Rosenberger Saylor/Seiler/Syler/Sylor Zaug/Zug/Zook

FEATHERSTON(E) – J-M172 J2a1 Z387 L70 from Packwood, Warwickshire, England - Arnold Bennett Biddlecombe Brasseur Chapman Elmore Fields Goode Green Lyndon Pymbrough Tarpley Wright

FEATHERSTON(E) distant y-DNA matches: Hollingsworth (Hertford, Eng.) Parisi (Sicily) Koplatadze (Georgia) Gerardi Mangieri Silva (Azores)

D'AILLE/EUDALY - G-L140 French Huguenots - Biddlecombe Brasseur Elam Elmore Goode Jones Mackerness Perrin Tarpley Woodson

HUSTON/HOUSTON - R1b - Strathclyde British from Scotland and later Ulster - Boyd Brown(e) Carter Majory MCNEAL/MCNEIL/MCILPHEDER Ó Cuinneagán/Cunningham Patterson Woodruff

HARDOUIN/HARDIN - R1b U152 L135 BY3506 Huguenots from France - Boyer Carter du Sauchoy FAIRBAIRN/FREEBORN of Roxburghshire, Scotland Ingham/Ingram Rossignol

SHACKELFORD, Y-DNA: R1b U106, likely Anglo-Saxon origin, from Old Alresford, Hampshire, England - Byrd Carter COSBY Garland Grubbs Jouett/Juett Moore Muncus O'Hearne/Hearn Palmer Percy Wingfield Yancey

De BURGO/BURK - from Ireland, possibly of Norman French origin - Anderson Barker Breeden/Breeding Cock or Cook George Hurst McCormack McKinney NUNN Wharton

PERRY - R1b, Puritans from Farnborough, Hampshire, England, MA VA NC KY IN - Amos Anderson Bassano CALLAWAY/CALLOWAY/GALLOWAY Clark(e) Collett Cox CRAIN - R1a1a DANIEL Day Ditto Grizzle - House of Stewart - Lanier ÓGORMÁIN/O'GORMAN Reeves/Rives Rowland Sanders Schmidt/Smith Spires Stegall Symons WOOTEN/WOOTON/WOODEN Yancey

SPARKS - from Hampshire, England, MD NC KY IA - Boyer Hawkins Jans Jefferson Mottrom Pope Robinson Sample Washington Wright

GORMAN line autosomal DNA matches: Bennett Golden Kelly Kennedy McMahan/McMahon/Mahon McNamara Whatley/Wheatley

Other Maternal DNA matches: Allison/Ellison/McAllister Andersdotter Anthony/Antoni Asher Atkinson/Etchison BERRY Boone Boswell Bottom Brennan BREWSTER Brock Canatsey/Knortzer Carrico Chamblee Cooper Costello Dragulia (Transylvania) Drake Drummond Faw HANSEN/HANSON Jacobsdatter Jaffa/Yoffe Jeter Larsson Levi/Levy/Lewi/Halevi Martin McGee McGuiness Mejia/Messi Moshe Nelson/Nilsson Noble Olsen Rapalje/Rapallo Sabin SHIELDS - Van Valkenburg - Van Vliet - Van Zan(d)t/Vinzant

Maternal and Paternal DNA matches to Protestant families of Provence, France. These are primarily Huguenot and Waldensian families: Bernard Bertin Cavalier Colletin Gaudin Martin Maynard Paris Perrin Perrotet Reyne Rossignol Roux Seguin Serre

Family centenarians: Anna Featherston 100, Cornelius "Neal" McCoy 101, Ruth T. (Fleener) Voorheis 103, Elisha Eudaly 104, John Cosby 106, John Richards 111, Collin McKinney 112.

Searching for Penrod/Penrose family Bible; last owned by Dorothy Knox of Crawfordsville.

Zionsville Connections - Research has revealed that I am related to the founder of Zionsville, Indiana, William Zion (1812-1880), two ways: through the Fleenors (2C5R) and the McCormacks. I am possibly connected to him a third way through the Seilers, the paternal ancestors of the Zions. My great-grandmother's first husband, Charles Allen Reichard, was born in Zionsville in 1864. His father, Samuel, was a cooper in the area. My 4th gr-grandfather, Rev. Jeremiah Featherston, bought lots in the town when it was laid out in the 1850's. His granddaughter, Nancy Featherston Clinger, came to the area in the 1860's but soon moved on to Brown Co. Another granddaughter, Eliza Jane Featherston Green Penrose, arrived in the 1870's. Her first husband, Christopher Cheek Green, was born circa 1839 in Clay Twp. just east of Zionsville and near the county line.

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