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I believe that genealogy is not just researching, fact gathering, compiling names, pictures and dates into some sort of chronological order allowing the connection of all those pieces to be gathered into a family tree. It is making the unknown family members live again by telling their stories and bringing them back to life with the hope that they would know and approve of the efforts being made to reconnect them with lost family so that they may live anew in our hearts for generations to come. This was my mother Claire's greatest passion, and just one of the many things she taught to me.

My parents were Emil Harry "Emil" Mares (FAG ID: 102089107) and Clarabelle Mae "Claire" (Talbott ) Mares (FAG ID: 205337393). I grew up in a family rich with history and a relentless pursuit of family roots, research, provenance, and documentation of lineage. I am an only child.

Surnames on my maternal side of the family include Talbott, Robinson, Niblack, Holcomb(e), Jewell, Darling, Fowler, Stroud, Kocher, Thomas, Katzberg, Walton, Lamb, Hawley, Finke, Grafelman(n), Kruse, and Schultze, Weinberg.

Surnames on my paternal side of the family include Mares, Jiskra, Sasek, Hynek, Karpisek, Horak, Altman, Rahe, Pulec, Tyser, Bean, Head, Mager, Chmelir, Valenta, Hojer, Sokryt, Pipal, and Dremsa.

Also the names of Buch, and Bergh from my first marriage, and Porter and Lofland from my present marriage.

My mother was a genealogist for over 50 years. So growing up, I too, learned to share her passion for keeping family history alive and not buried in bureau drawers, cardboard shoe boxes in closets, or shoved under our beds with the "dust kittens!" When people are alive they don't live there, and so, in death, they especially should not live in these places or their spirit and memories will be lost. These cherished treasures and memories are a part of us all, and need to be nurtured, so that they never die. They are a part of our "life's blood."

We are both members of the D.A.R. ( Daughters of the American Revolution), a privilege granted to us by our brave ancestors. She worked tirelessly to trace and document our family lineage, as well as doing research for countless other families. She has many published research books that carry her genealogy research for our family, of which I am now the caretaker and custodian.

It is my desire to fill in the missing pieces, correct inaccuracies and to provide family tree lineage for both sides of my family. This was my mother's dying wish, that her work continue and live on for our family. So now, the task of maintaining and furthering the family histories falls to me. I wish to enrich my family histories online so that they may live into the future, for all to enjoy.

Since 1995, I have lived in Henderson, Nevada with my husband, but I was born in Fairbury, Nebraska, and lived almost half my adult life in Fremont, Nebraska. I still have relatives in Nebraska and maintain close ties to my roots there.

It is my goal to honor my family tree heritage by sharing biographies, pictures, historical documents, and lineage information on both sides of my family.

I will gladly transfer any non-family memorial I manage to those family members wishing to care for their loved ones memorials. I believe that these memorials should be in the care of family, when possible. I lovingly care for non-relative memorials as if they were part of my own family, as best I can.

I have a soft spot for veterans of all wars. They deserve to be recognized, thanked, honored and respected for their service to our country. We live in the best country in the world, thanks to these veterans.

One final thought....
It is important to record the past so that fond and precious memories are not lost for future generations. It is an honor and a privilege to care for these memorials. Remember.... a family tree will wither and die if no-one tends its roots!

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