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PLEASE if you read nothing else here~~
In order to maintain the integrity of the information shared on the memorial:
It is NECESSARY to ask you to include
your SOURCE of the information with
the request to add text or other information to any memorial.
Any suggestions unaccompanied by sources will be rejected, although they may be added to the text of the memorial as "unverified suggestion(s)".
To send supporting information select the edit tab in the upper right hand corner and then select the "suggest any other correction or addition" option.
On occasion FaG suggestions are caught by multiple spam filters. If you feel yours may have been, please alert me by sending a message.
Thanks for your cooperation!

Now for the other stuff:
I am happy to transfer memorials to friends and relatives. When requesting a transfer, be sure to include your relationship to the memorial.
If you are a friend and I transfer a memorial to your care, I do so with the understanding that if a close relative later asks you to transfer the memorial, you will do so. I don't want to hold on to it in the hope that someone closer will show up. If it is meaningful for you to care for it now, that's enough for me. Thanks for your understanding.
That established: I will NOT transfer memorials to people who will not transfer to others outside of guidelines. I mean, really? If somebody wants to care for the memorial of someone who was their high school marching band mate, why do you need to hang onto it? We're not collecting bubblegum cards here.
INFORMATION that makes things work smoothly: The easiest and fastest way to request a transfer is to go the the memorial, select the edit tab in the upper right hand corner and then opt the "suggest any other correction or addition" option. Then write that you want a transfer and let me know what your relationship is. When you do this I have all the information I need to do a quick transfer. NOTE: I have been missing some transfer requests--and I understand I am not the only manager experiencing this problem. I always respond to transfer requests, and almost always grant them. If i do not respond to yours , please assume it has gone astray and repeat the request in a message to me. Be sure to include all the necessary information!
PLEASE: If you have other information you would like added to a memorial, select the edit tab in the upper right hand corner and then select the "suggest any other correction or addition" option.
DON'T put the information in a message. It's too difficult to make sure it get to the right place. OCCASIONALLY an edit suggestion doesn't make it from you to Find A Grave to me. If you think that's happened, do leave a heads up on my message page so we can figure it out.
If you make a dates or a relationship suggestion that is not immediately obvious, please also send me the source via an edit suggestion. I will then not only accept the edit, but note the source and acknowledge your work on the memorial. The reason I ask that you do this is that I have had folks come to me who ask the source of my information on a memorial. "Gee, I dunno--somebody just suggested it" isn't an answer that satisfies a lot of people. Please help me help them!
As someone who has contributed hundreds more obituaries and biographical statements to already existing memorials than I have created new, I am always appreciative when someone acknowledges my efforts in the memorial. Although Find A Grave doesn't have a formal way to do so, if someone makes an important contribution to a memorial you manage, please consider acknowledging the contributor as a source provider in the body of the memorial. Likewise, thank photographers. Find A Grave doesn't have a mechanism that alerts managers when a picture has been added to a memorial. However, if you do discover that a photo has been added to one of your memorials, please consider sending the photographer a thank-you message (after all, if it were easy for you to get a photo, you would have taken one and posted it yourself!)

Use of one's former rank by non-retired military personnel is not a prescribed usage by the Department of Defense (DoD). Use of rank is reserved for career 20-year retirees -- with the intention that their use of the rank is for personal social use -- and is not for use subsequent civilian work-related situations.
In a bio or in a resume the service to our nation would be included as part of one's experience -- it's just using the rank as part of one's name the DoD specifically prohibits.
As per me: If a 78 year old man was an Army private when he was 19, I would not use "Pvt" in his memorial name.

OTHER THOUGHTS: Please don't create a memorial for a person you "assume" has died, just because their spouse is dead and they were born a long time
ago. The oldest verified person on record is French woman Jeanne Calment (1875–1997), who lived to the age of 122 years, 164 days. Unless you know that someone has died, don't create a memorial! Also , please don't "presume"a person is buried in a particular cemetery just because their other family members are. Isn't always so. It's ok, and helpful, to add a note "probable burial in Happy Family Cemetery", but please don't put their memorial in Happy Family Cemetery unless you know for sure that's where they were interred.
People contribute to Find A Grave for a lot of different reasons. We are the largest group of volunteers working on behalf of a for-profit enterprise that has ever been assembled. As one of my favorite volunteers posted on her profile page "People, be kind!"
My late cousin was a manager in a large non-profit organization. She had three questions she required the people who worked for her to answer before they put anything in writing: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? If you couldn't answer "Yes" to all three questions, you'd better think long and hard before sending the message. I think that's probably a good rule to live by here, too.
And finally, remember that no matter how passionate, upset, hurt, misunderstood or injured you feel, nothing that happens on Find A Grave is a matter of life or death. It's ALL a matter of death. You, however, are alive. Enjoy!


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