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If you don't hear back from me right away, I'm not ignoring you, I'm just busy with life.

I became interested in doing this for a couple reasons. First, because of a family tree Cub Scout project I helped my son with many years ago. We only had information for one side of my family, but it went all the way back to 1650s, so even with just the one side, it was quite large. I recently started pursuing the other side along with my adopted family; I was adopted by <a href="">my birth mother's brother</a> and wife after the death of my biological <a href="">mother</a> and <a href="">father</a> as a baby. I have gained alot of information by looking at cemetery records online which others have posted and I hope that I can possibly give someone else the missing piece to their puzzle.

Second, because I've had a horrible fear of dying, death, and cemeteries. This has helped me to believe that a cemetery is not a place for the "dead" but a place where family reunites for eternity.

If you find a memorial added by me and it's your family, <b>DON'T create a duplicate</b>, please ask for a correction to be made or a transfer instead. Outside of guidelines, I'd love to add more information and update the memorial. I do not support "memorial collectors." The goal of F-A-G is not to "own" memorials for each member of your family, but to make sure each memorial is as accurate as possible. Inside of guidelines, I'll be happy to transfer to you, provided I'm not more closely related. <b>Please use the SAC for updates and transfer requests so I know exactly which memorial you are referring to.</b>

My family is mainly from MN and WI, and include the following names, but is not limited to:

Kennebeck, Lager, Welp - Wabasha, MN, Iowa, Illinois areas and Germany

Matten and Devos - Carlton, Wrenshall, Brainard, MN areas and Belgium

Johnson and Anderson - Duluth, MN and Superior, WI areas, Sweden, and Norway

Kriske (Krzeszewski), Musolf, Jaski (Jazdzewski) - Cloquet and Duluth, MN areas and Poland

and my in-laws: Segrin, Schmay (Schmaz), Zepezauer from Price County WI, Poland, and Hungary

Happy searching!

Please stop by and visit some of my favorite people:
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<b>Re: Comments on my bio page:</b>
There are three comments posted here by the same member on July 20, 2010. This person has been a member for 2+ years, and never created a memorial until now... the sudden urge to create two memorials which happen to be duplicates of mine which were created a few months ago. I'm not sure why this member is so upset and chose me to lash out on. I post obits when I find them; I find that they contain valuable information for people searching for information on their families. There is nothing "twisted" about doing this. I only wish I could find more for my family. As far as "well wishes", I'm not sure what is meant by this comment; I certainly don't post well wishes on a memorial. I do, however, try to flower each memorial I create just because... at least that person was thought about for just a brief moment in time. I don't leave any messages on flowers unless I had a personal relationship with the deceased, or they are family of mine. I chose to leave this member's comments on here so others are aware of this person's attitude.

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