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When you're dead, you don't know you're dead.
The pain is only felt by others.
The same thing happens when you're stupid!
DO NOT take my pictures I have taken and uploaded and add them to the other spouse that has recently passed away. IT IS DISRESPECTFUL ask the contributor, you are taking there credit away from them.
Enjoy living in the moment, smile and wonder, research your past, realize that the future is a mystery and that today is a gift.
My Photographs Do not use them if you are trying to make a profit from them. I have been burned by this happening. I take photos for memorials, Nothing else. DO NOT ASK TO USE THEM
Do it correctly, with the edit tab and Suggest a Correction, not in my messages, or it will be ignored. Tell me the relation/kinship/friendship, not just they're family, or same applies, it will be ignored.
Let me make this PERFECTLY clear, if you send me information YOUR CONTRIBUTOR NAME AND NUMBER will also be accompanied with the information YOU send.

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