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What is it with you that post Death Certificates? Please don't post them on entries of my origin.

Whereas I accept no responsibility for any addition or edit, this is not me. It is you.

I'll quit when the old site goes down.

That was fun. Almost 18 years. To the special people I met along the way, thank you. I hope to hear from you. To the one who runs the the site, way to go Vizzini.

My home is circa 1784. Its situation is such that it fell in the line of battle during the conflict between the States. When my father died, I was too early at the cemetery for the appointment concerning the necessary arrangements. To pass the time I paid a visit to the antique shop close by. Displayed there was a book which possessed a title that gave me the idea that my home may be mentioned within. Upon opening it, the pages fell directly to a description and photograph of my old place. It was not intended for the purpose, but the volume became a much worn field guide as I sought to visit and photograph other antebellum homes in the vicinity. I pursued that objective with interest and vigor. This caused me to notice the old churches en route and I began to photograph them. Behind the churches were cemeteries. Cemeteries that I found to be serene and sublime, full of lore. In turn they led me here and I stayed. And then I left.

Grave finder - Yes * Genealogist - No

Historian - Yes * Genealogist - No

Biographer - Yes * Genealogist - No

Photographer - Yes * Genealogist - No

Stinking linking.

No courtesy, no action. You churlish lot best steer clear of me.

Please do not post Certificates of Death on entries of my origin.

Thank you.

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