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"The FAQs are definitely guiderules...or are they rulelines? No matter. The FAQs *absolutely* detail site policy and all members are expected to follow them and abide by them." -AJ, Find A Grave Admin

"Photograph the grave/gravesite 'in-situ, or as it appears in that moment in time. The purpose is to show the grave as it is, be it dirty, cluttered, broken, or pristine. It is not your job to clean it, clear it, fix it, or decorate it. The graves are not yours to do as you please. Remember, one person's "good deed" just might be another person's vandalism. Go take lots of photos...but do it like an anthropologist and do not disturb the grave site." -AJ, Find A Grave Admin

Dear... Find a Grave enthusiasts:
Rules are rules, and in this case, guidelines are rules. Please abide by them. They aren't that difficult. - AJ, Find a Grave Administrationator

Please send any additional information or corrections using the "Edit" tab on the individual memorial. Please use the "Edit" tab to make transfer requests.

Please do NOT use my photos without permission. To request permission to use a photo, use the "Edit" tab on the individual memorials. In the event you would like to use a cemetery view picture I've taken, please email me with a link to the cemetery.

I apologize for the quality of some of my pictures! I have essential tremors, which can be challenging when taking pictures. Once in a while my pictures come out slightly blurred, and I normally don't upload them unless there is no other picture of the gravestone available. If you'd like a picture of poor quality removed, just let me know.

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