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1/2014 - Am currently pretty sick again, I'm not ignoring anyone, just need a little time. Will get back to my usual system of taking care of SACs as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding.
Sorry if any of this sounds harsh, but I'm at the end of my rope with some of the nonsense going on here lately, so want to make it clear:


2) If you have information to add to a memorial I've made, PLEASE let me know in 1 message (do not send a separate message for each piece of info) via the suggest a correction feature from the memorial. Include names & memorial numbers when referring to other memorials. I really appreciate information that make positive and accurate additions or corrections to memorials. Do not send copyrighted material as I won't put that on my memorials. Most pre 1922 obituaries are in the public domain, otherwise, submit an originally written bio & if I can use that, I'll give you credit for it as per Find A Grave guidelines.

3) I DON'T link to longtime "burial unknown" memorials. Find A Grave FAQs - "How do I add a memorial when I'm not sure what cemetery they are buried?
This is similar to adding a memorial for cremation. Do not create a new cemetery which does not exist in order to add these memorials. Location of body unknown should be used for recent deaths where the disposition is not currently known. Final disposition should be determined and updated within 30 days."

This is FIND a GRAVE, not guess a grave or plop a grave, not a family tree site, etc - make sure you know where someone is really buried before making a memorial and DON'T deliberately MAKE DUPLICATE MEMORIALS. It takes a lot of time to research, check to make sure the person isn't already listed & then make a memorial - I get quite annoyed when my time & effort is wasted because someone couldn't read & follow the basic rules of Find A Grave. I don't delete memorials I've made in favor of a duplicate that was made after mine.

4) If you would like a memorial transferred to you, include your relationship to the person. Obscure requests like "they are my relative", "in my family tree", "can I maintain the memorial?", and "I want to add info/links to the memorial" won't be transferred. The person is probably related to quite a few people and in quite a few family trees, possibly even mine (I've listed some that I believe are my family but not verified yet so they don't have my "family flower" on the memorials). If you look at the top of my profile, I've been a member for many years and maintain many memorials, I know how to add info and link people. If the transfer request does not fall within the 4 generation FAG guidelines, I don't transfer to individuals who "plop" people into cemeteries where they aren't buried, make "Guess a Graves", fake memorials (all those old "burial unknowns"), etc. I also don't transfer to name collectors. Virtual cemeteries are the place to "gather" family and other groups of people on FindAGrave. If you have information to add to a memorial, please submit it via the "Suggest a correction" feature (as I stated above). Please don't ask for transfer of my family members, many of which are marked with a "flower" stating they are my ancestor or family.

5) "Nastygrams" will be completely ignored. No clue why some people using this site are so rude but I don't tolerate it.

6)Photos that I've taken & posted on this site and my genealogy web site belong to me and are not public domain and MAY NOT BE COPIED, with the exception that their family members are allowed to make one copy of a photo to maintain in their personal files for their personal use only (DO NOT post ANYWHERE online). They may not be republished in any form - Including reposting them on another FindAGrave memorial, anywhere online, or publishing in other way (I've found quite a few who didn't listen & copied & reposted here & elsewhere online & have them taken down each time I find them). If you have a web site and want the picture of the headstone on it, include a link to the FindAGrave memorial instead. To prevent any of the photos I have taken winding up in a publication that someone sells for personal profit, I maintain this policy (if I want my photos sold, I will do it myself). The only exception I can think of is if a well known reputable non profit organization (Historical society, Cemetery, UDC, SCV, etc). would like to use them in a publication where the profits are used to preserve records, restore cemeteries, something along those lines, please contact me with specific details as that is something I would consider allowing. I have the originals of the majority (probably all despite several computer & hard drive crashes) of the photos I have taken.

I've recorded all of the Confederate soldiers buried on Memorial Hill at Blandford Cemetery in Petersburg that I could find who didn't have memorials. The majority of the soldiers buried on Memorial Hill are either buried in unmarked graves or mass graves with 1 marker indicating they state they served from. Petersburg was under siege from Jun 1864 to Apr 1865. "There are over 30,000 Confederate Soldiers buried on these grounds. Most are buried in mass graves without individual markers. They are buried by their State of origin when known. Those who could not be identified by name or state are buried with stone markers simply marked Unknown . . . "(source

During the siege, Blandford Church was only approximately 3/4 of a mile away from the siege lines & was utilized as a hospital. A confederate redoubt stood approximately where Ward DD (new ground) is now. (source: National Register of Historic Places Application) During this time, most deceased soldiers were buried in temporary graves throughout Petersburg or where they died & later moved to Blandford after the war.

If you have an extra moment, pls visit the memorial for a wonderful young man, Jack Williams. He was a 15-year-old Boy Scout who volunteered at the temporary hospital set up at John Marshall High School during the Influenza epidemic of 1918. According to the cemetery website, he worked "until he was exhausted, he died of influenza".

~~ P.S. -- Hugs & thanks to my awesome FindAGrave friends that have taken pics for me & given more info about entries I've made :)

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