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Researching mostly Sailor Surname including Sailer-Saylor-Sayler-Seiler-Seyler PA, MD, OH and IL and beyond (from Germany, Holland, Switzerland and England)

Thanks for reading my profile.

Many thanks to all the countless considerate and collaborative researchers, photographers and memorial holders out there.. Even though FAG gives no recognition to the hundreds of thousands of edits, people linked to families and Bios/obits submitted, our collective efforts on FAG are what makes it so useful and informative. It truly and honestly honors our ancestors. They nor I care about the numbers. We care about the quality of the content and who cared enough to seek it out and give it continued life for future generations here even in spite of the efforts of some who think they must have control over everything including content others provide.

A few important things..

Please remember this site runs on volunteer efforts. It's purpose is to memorialize those that have gone before us. Just because you entered a memorial shouldn't mean that you should restrict others from adding content. We are a virtual team and we need to work together and this should be fun right?

Duplicates happen for whatever reason but trying to get them resolved between two creators can sometimes be challenging. Please don't just delete your memorial or send me multiple posts about who's was first or whatever the record was changed from another cemetery, etc, etc. All I can see is the two dates on the Memorials. You can contact FAG support to help resolve it, please do. It's your memorial and that is part of managing it. I just want the data to be there in one record and be correct. In truth, FAG should have a "merge request" function.

FAG DOES permit them. FAG is many things to many people, I'm hoping you will remember that if you are someone who shuns posting other's contributions. If I've sent you an obit for the person, please post it. To me it is just as important as the headstone photo or memorial entry you made. Not everyone has access to find them and why should they need to when I've already done the work of looking it up? If your too busy to post it please consider transferring the memorial to me because I'm more than willing to manage it.
- I included sources for what I submit and also my member name and number as submitter. Please don't remove it, it is part of the submission. I did the work to find it, not you. I will call you on the removal of my member name if it mysteriously drops off. I will also go back and check to see that it was added. If not I generally add it or part of it to a flower and send it again. I'm happy to remove the flower once the obit/bio gets posted. I'd rather not have to go these extra steps but some people aren't really stewards of the memorials they create or are just plain uncooperative.

I've requested headstone photos especially for the older graves before they disappear from age or developer land-grabs and eminent domain. If your taking photos a few suggestions:
-If only one photo name is requested but the stone has 2 names please provide a shot of the whole thing sometimes you don't even know they had a spouse. Close crops won't include these important hints.
-Knowing the proximity of the headstones in relation to each other can be very helpful. If possible, please take an extra shot showing the grouping of the family plot. These hints can sometimes reveal important family relationships. If you post a photo for me thank you very much and I really appreciate your efforts. In the rare situation that the photo can't be read, please don't be offended if I request it again. Sometimes the light is bad or the upload gets pixaliated and the stone can't be read. If you want to use a headstone photo I've taken feel free to use it for non-commercial use but please include my member name listed below.

If you want a transfer of a memorial I have posted send a request via the edit tab and if it isn't one of my ancestors I'm happy to transfer to you. If it is maybe we are related! Thanks for any photos, contacts or edit requests regarding any of these families genealogy.

Errors and edits:
I try really hard to only provide good data. I usually have more than one source before I submit. With that said, I do make mistakes from time to time. If you find a mistake I have made please contact me (via edit) and I'm happy to update or even do a bit more research. I'm not interested in collecting numbers only accuracy so don't be shy, I won't be upset at you or mad, I promise.

If I've sent you an edit request that you don't agree to right off for some reason please, be considerate enough to look at the other memorial(s) I'm requesting the link to. Usually I've spent a considerable amount of time researching this and that's why the edit was requested. In most cases there will be information that confirms the relationship on the other person's memorial. As a good memorial holder and FAG member I don't think it's unrealistic to expect that you would at least take a moment or two to review the information provided before you click decline otherwise you are just wasting peoples time and efforts. If you decline based on other information you have that shows a conflict, please provide that detail or contact me and we can resolve the conflict or enlighten each other.

Our common goals:
My goal is to capture the data as best I can to honor those that came before us, learn about them and document them for the future generations when the stones and families no longer exist. At the end of the day my goal is to have an accurate record of the headstone holder - and hopefully their family members after all this site is really to honor them isn't it?

SAILOR including
TURNER / GILLESPIE (Northern Ireland,Scotland)

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